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Indian Students Struggling to get Tuition Back

Posted on May 4th, 2010 by Jennifer Frankel

Thousands of Indian students are struggling to get their prepaid tuition refunded from Australian schools and colleges. The situation has come to light following the collapse of colleges and a clamp down of the Australian immigration system. As we reported earlier this year, there were a number of high profile attacks on Indian students in Australia which had led to a number of college closures and a clampdown of the visa process for students coming into Australia. This all led to the denial of visas for thousands of students, many of whom had already prepaid their tuition in advance.

The exact extent of the problem is not fully know, as the Australian government has refused to disclose the amount of prepaid tuition that students are seeking reimbursement for – however international education experts are predicting the amount of tuition that students prepaid could run into the millions of Australian dollars.

Ravi Lochan Singh, the managing director of Global Reach, an education agency that represents Australian universities and colleges in India, said “There is an issue here; I think that with more and more private colleges going down the issue will increase”. Under Australian law course fees must be refunded within 28 days, but Mr Singh said the question of whether students’ prepaid college fees were protected by the ESOS Assurance Fund was still a “grey area”.

If you are an international student who is waiting for their tuition back, post your comments below. You can also read the full article here.

7 Responses to “Indian Students Struggling to get Tuition Back”

  1. abercrombie Says:

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  2. Bosco Says:

    The fact is that such news will push overseas students to apply elsewhere. I was in continental europe, studying, and yes over tehre too, problems exist but at least, there are no tuition fees to be paid there unless u go for private institutes…So u do your undergrad and graduate studies for free!!!!
    on a personal standpoint, I think australia offers less and less prospects after graduation..ain`t I wrong? Personally, I have advised my relatives (3) to apply to uni in europe for their undergrad as at least up there, they won`t waste $25,000 of tuition per year not including accomodation, food and other expenses!! not including the fact that they cannot get concessions (in europe, u can apply as a foreigner) and have to endure 3 years in unsafe suburbs!!
    With very little future prospects in australia, with lots of money to invest, lots of risk to take and lots of sacrifie to go thru here in this country, I came to the point where I told relatives, friends, newly HSC graduate to reconsiderate their choices and may be opt for cheaper alternatives in France or Germany (back there, u can stay 3 years after graduating, whereas here… uhhhhhhhh….). IN any cases, each student gone elsewhere is $80,000 foregone for unis down here!!

  3. Bosco Says:

    oh I forgot… Europe might be cold and u may have to take a year of language study…but sometimes, it could be a better deal than coming down here…but yes, it is up to you.
    I have spent myself 5 years there and find that it is easier to make friends there even though u deal with some moroons sometimes too (they exist everyhwere). But remember that over there, unis are free and u may have higher chances to find better opportunities than here; I`ve been tehre for 5 years and yes, racist people exist, but rarely, I ahve come accross news dealing with coward bashings, which in my views, are just a manifestation of jealousy!! yes, u made it..they didn`t make it, and they never will…those Oz with failed lives (not all, some Oz) will remain frustrated for ever all their life.
    Pls before coming here, think abt your investment, the prospects offered here (they are not as bright as they seem, believe me…), your own safety, immigration rules which becomes tighter, and the indifference of the police in case of aggression; also think about the fact that u will be given the worst jobs (U might be underpaid or even exploited!!) with the worst wkg conditions…it is my own experience but then, it is really up to you to decide!!!
    Personally, I would try to get my undergrad done somewhere else (at least, u won`t spend that much!!) and come here later or just go elsewhere..if u still can!! For God’s sake..don`t put yourself into unnecessary troubles and stress!! don`t risk it if u`re still unsure….

  4. sahibjeet Says:

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  5. HomeTuition Says:

    Thanks for highlighting this problem to students.

  6. marocup Says:

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  7. tilak Says:

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