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Aviation Scholarships

Posted on October 30th, 2012 by Bryanna Davis

Going to a college or university is expensive. American students struggle with paying the cost of tuition, books, lab fees, room and board. They often graduate in debt with student loans since college can cost thousands of dollars. International students who want to attend the best schools to study aviation might find themselves in a similar situation. Luckily, there are many aviation scholarships available to international students. Through searching the web and talking with a financial aid advisor from your chosen aviation school, you have the opportunity to find aviation scholarships that fit your needs, whether it’s helping pay for tuition, books, an apartment or even some gas money. These scholarships can affect how to choose your aviation school, since many offer thousands of dollars of aid.

A good place for international students to start looking for aviation scholarships is through our free college scholarship search as well as other organizations that are associated with the aviation field. The University Aviation Association’s website lists many different types of scholarships. They have a section for scholarships that are linked to the University Aviation Association. They also have a section that lists other places to find scholarships.

Other aviation organizations that offer scholarships for international students aspiring to work in the field of aviation are the Aircraft Electronics Association, the AOPA Air Safety Foundation, the AV Scholars, the National Air Transportation Association, the National Business Aviation Association, Women in Aviation International and the Professional Aviation Maintenance Association.

There are also a variety of other scholarship websites that cater to students with all majors. You can sign up for their free scholarship services and search for scholarships based off of your major, year in school and skills.

The best schools in aviation might also offer scholarships. Did you play a sport in high school? Are you part of an international club? Did you graduate with honors? All these things can help qualify you for a scholarship. Some colleges will give you a full ride if you play a sport for them. Check with the school of your choice about other scholarships available to international students. Some schools might offer you more scholarship money than another which makes how to choose your aviation school a little bit easier.

It can be difficult to figure out how to choose your aviation school. But there are many different aviation student scholarships available to help international students. Different websites offer many aviation specific scholarships while others allow you to search through their database for aviation scholarships. These scholarships can help narrow down which schools to apply to.

Written by Bryanna Davis

Bryanna joined EIC in 2011 after returning to the United States from teaching English in China. Her interest in international education, sparked initially by her own study abroad experience in Wales, led her to the company. Bryanna is originally from Missouri and is a graduate from the University of Central Missouri.

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88 Responses to “Aviation Scholarships”

  1. farjana yeasmin Says:

    i want to staudy in aviation sector.i m bbangladeshi.pls how can i scholarship in finland?

  2. muluken Says:

    I am a mechanical Engineer and had already my BSc from one of the Ethiopian Universities. But I am interested in aviation science and want to study even at undergraduate level if I get a free scholarship. Recently, I am in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia duing my MSc in Energy technology. I look forward to your replay.
    I thank you

  3. alazar Says:

    iam now attendig civil engering in arbaminch universitand iwant free scholarship in aviation. ilook forward toyour replay. thank you

  4. Bonus Kapinga Says:

    I am now attending my high level school,expecting to complete in february 2013,am now in Tanzania expecting your positively response in my request for scholarship

  5. oladejo Says:

    am a young willing to learn person would positively hold unto as well as use positively if a scholarship is given to me to study aviation look forward for your reply

  6. adeniyi olaiya Says:

    am interesting in study aviation please help me

  7. Philip V. Snylder Says:

    I am a Liberian seeking a higher level of education with Full Sail University. I am asking you to please help me with scholarship to continue my education. I look forward to hearing from you as you help me to forward my education.

    Phone: +231-886754804

  8. Bryanna Lindblom Says:

    Hi Philip,

    I’m glad to hear that you found a school you would like to attend! If you would like to know more about Full Sail University, you can get started here.

    Good luck!

  9. Philip V. Snylder Says:

    These are my contact information.

  10. Hamse abdi Says:

    lam somaliRefugee i attend my high level school( grade 12) now Iam live refugeecamp in ethiopia. Iam interested in study aviation and Iam appling for scholarship please help me.If you any information for me please contact me ,. +251915438573 or

  11. Bryanna Lindblom Says:

    Hi Hamse,

    Thank you for your inquiry. If you would like more information on aviation scholarships you can browse awards here. Once you find an award you would like to receive you can then contact the institution directly to find out how you can apply for award.

  12. E. Melvin Jallah Says:

    I’m a Bsc. degree holder in Economics with emphasis in Mathematics, but I’m currently an Assistant Weather Forecaster @ the Roberts International Airport in Liberia. Therefore, I’m seeking a scholarship to study abroad in the area of Aviation cuz I want to be a Meteorologist. Kindly help in that direction. Contact information: +231-886-679-575 &

  13. Bryanna Lindblom Says:

    Thank you for your interest!

    Unfortunately we are unable to find an award for you. However, you can use our scholarship search tool and find an award that will meet your needs. Once you find a scholarship you would like to receive you can contact the institution that hosts the award directly to apply.

    Best of luck finding the aid you are searching for!

  14. keenaviationsciencescholar Says:

    hey guys
    what are the available scholarships for international students out there??

    plz help…

  15. jamal Says:

    I have diploma in foundation in Tour and Tourism and certified in Galeleo please can i get further education opportunity on the area. Great Thanks for any response you may give me

  16. Bryanna Lindblom Says:

    Thank you for your comments and questions.

    If you would like to find an aviation scholarship to assist you with your studies, you can browse scholarships here. Once you find an award that you would like to apply for, you can contact the host institution directly.

    Best of luck to each of you!

  17. Saikou Njie Says:

    I am a Gambian currently studying Hydro-Meteorology (C4) at Water Resources Training School. I am keenly interested to study Aviation at San Diego Fly Training International.
    In the light of the above, i am looking for a scholarship from you.

  18. mulindwa eddy Says:

    I am in uganda interested in aviation completed high school.

  19. Bryanna Lindblom Says:

    Hi Mulindwa,

    If you would like to know more about what a degree in Aviation consists of, you can visit our Study Aviation Guide here.

    Good luck with your studies.

  20. Raphael Mburu Says:

    Thanks for your assistance.we are a moment and the greatest thing that we can do is to help someone else without considering the gains afterwards.My God help you to touch more lives of people and you will be blessed

  21. Ilu Muhammad Sulaiman Says:

    Hello! I’m a Nigerian certified in the field of IT. I envision myself flying as this will open doors to me helping youths around the globe achieve their dreams. This will mean a lot to me

  22. Arshadismail Says:

    my name is Arshad.i am from srilanka. i am doing my advance level examination this year. After that i like to continue my aviation as higher study.There are no any universities here that offer that study. i dont have money to study abroad. so please help me to achieve my dream.

  23. Tashi. Says:

    hi friends,
    i am currently working as an assistant aircraft maintenance technician in royal Bhutan airlines in Airbus 319 for last eight years and i have basic aircraft maintenance licence issued by department of civil aviation of my country i am looking for scholarship/sponsors to do my type rating in airbus 320..
    so i would be very grateful if u all can help me to find scholarship/sponsors for my above course..
    my address.
    mr.Tashi Tshering
    aircraft Technician
    Royal Bhutan Airlines
    Mobile # 00975 17743447
    Email :

  24. Bryanna Davis Says:

    Hi Tashi,

    You can visit here to view more scholarships that individuals pursuing an aviation degree can apply for. Good luck!

  25. Fasipe Akinfolarin Says:

    A self-motivating and hardworking mechanical engineering technology national diploma with positive mental attitude, passion for excellence and diverse work experience. Able to use own initiative to achieve set goals and work as part of a team. Capable of achieving task under pressure and little supervision. Keen to find a suitable and challenging position in an aviation industry.

  26. Ituah Yesufu Says:

    Am ituah just finished high school and looking for scholarship to study commercial piloting in california flight academy

  27. Aseri Kunawave Says:


    My name is Aseri and i have been working for the aviation industry as a flight attendant for the past 2 years. This industry has been my source of inspiration and i wish to further my studies to be an asset in the aviation Industry. I have always wanted to be an aeronautical engineer but due to financial restrictions i was not able to study this and achieve my goal/dream. I now wish to further my studies and soar to greater heights. I was wondering if there was any scholarship available for international students and also a good aviation college that would allow me to pursue my dreams. I look forward to any favorable reply.

    Kind Regards.

  28. Bryanna Davis Says:

    Hi Aseri,

    Thanks for visiting. A great place to search for scholarships is our scholarship database. There you can find scholarships specific to your degree or school, and general scholarships. Good luck!

  29. Emmanuel Kpaka Kollie Says:

    I want to travel and study. I m a liberian

  30. Kyle Beebe Says:

    Thanks for sharing this article. I really need advise on Aviation scholarship.

  31. Chris Losuru Says:

    I am an holder of PPL No 0272476995 from South African Flight Training. Currently a final year student at the university of Nairobi pursuing Bsc. Management of agro ecosystems and environment. Would wish to ask for a consideration to resume my stalled flying career through an award of a scholarship. Any guidance on this will be highly appreciated

  32. KUFRE Says:

    Thanks a lot for the information. Not so many people take out time to do this.

  33. Collins Mwenda Says:

    I am an unlicensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer living in Zambia, Africa. I wanted to find out if there are any scholarships for a person like me.

  34. Tharindu kosala rajarathne Says:

    Dear sir,

    How are you sir?
    I think that you are fine… I’m Tharindu kosala.. a 21 years old poor young boy from Sri Lanka.. My hope to be a pilot. But it needs about 57 lakh.. Though we are very poor in economy we cant bear that huge expenditure.. Though I inform my innability to great well known rich people they were unnable to help me and they didn’t care about that.. So please help me sir.. Money or scolarship anything sir.
    At the moment which i vanish all my dreamz I thought to write you about my innability as well as my poverty.. So I believe that you might reply me as soon as possible.. By realizing my situation..please give me a chanse looking forward your reply.god bless you!

    “we never achieve humanity from money and wealth ,, those who have only money and wealth ..they never touch real humanity in life time,”

    My address-
    B.h.a .t.k rajarathne

    Telephone -94713240493

    Thanku sir
    Tharindu kosala

  35. cecilia mwangi Says:

    my name is Cecilia from Kenya.i have had a dream of becoming a pilot since i was a little girl.Every time i would watch airplanes fly over our rural i would tell my parents i want to fly an aircraft .after graduating from high school i joined the Kenya school of flying where i have completed my PPL course but could not continue due to lack of finance.I am looking scholarship to help me achieve my long time dream of being a professional pilot.

  36. opeyem ibrahim ajibola Says:

    my name is opeyemi ibrahim ajibola from Nigeria. i have a dream of becoming a pilot. i am seeking for a scholarship to help me achieve my dream of being a professional pilot

  37. Muhammad Waqas Khaleeq Says:

    i talk to you for anthing is always true.i am serious of this mattar sir my name is waqas khaleeq. iam pakistani i live in wah cantt.sir i want to be become a commercial pilot. sir i will appling next month for registration of commercial pilot licences in shaheed benazir bhutto pia flight academy karachi pakistan.sir i have passed intermediate exam father muhammad khaleeq has passed fees is very expensive i contact pia for schlorship but pia have no resources to provide financial maater has no permission to me to go academy but its my dream and my father dream.sir i have needed 37000 THOUSAND US DOLLAR for commercial pilot course .sir i always talk truth not liar.kindly help me to provide schlorship to me and also provide schlorship letter to send my house and then i send in pia flight cnic or id card no is current home address is house no 194 25-E WAH CANTT PAKISTAN or my permanent address is house no D-479/1 SATELITE TOWN RAWALPINDI PAKISTAN.this is totaly self finance course no consetion.kindly please help me to accept my application and provide schlorship to me.this information is totaly correct no adoubt.
    thanks you

  38. Muhammad Waqas Khaleeq Says:

    sir i just need 37000 thousand us dollar do you give me and also talk about california flight academy member to discuss this issue. if you are american can it 37000 thousand dollar is big amount?

  39. Bryanna Davis Says:

    Hi Muhammad,

    Thanks for visiting. Yes, $37,000 is a large amount. If you would like more details on the California Flight Academy you will need to speak with them directly.

  40. Quirinius Cornelius Says:

    My name is Quirinius Cornelius. Am a Nigerian. I have just completed my Secondary School this July from Imperial Secondary School, Eket, Akwa Ibom State and I’m unable to afford finances to further my education. I have passion for becoming an Aeronautic Engineer and to study the Course at Shenyang Aerospace University, China. But unfortunately no finance. Please I need a scholarship so as to become an Aeronautic Engineer.
    Thank You.

  41. Sammy Says:

    My name is Sammy Ngatia from Kenya. I finished my highschool last year. i want to pursue aviation at the Aerosim flight academy in Florida as a career as it has always been my dream but due to the lack of funds the dream is fading away. Please help.

  42. Sandesh Paudel Says:

    I am from Nepal.I want to become a pilot. but due to the poor condition. How can I become pilot and how can I joint the classes and trainings please help me.

  43. Britney Jepleting Says:

    Hi, am from kenya and i would really love to be a pilot but the expenses are holding me back. I really need help.

  44. Kenneth samuel Says:

    I really want to study aviation. But the cost of study is high. That is why i need a scholarship program please help my carreer please. I look forward to your reply.

  45. Keno Bullard Says:

    Hello my name is Keno Bullard from the Bahamas I really want to finish my aviation course to become a commercial pilot but I really need some financial assistance please.

  46. Keneilwe Brian Otlhagetse Says:

    Hi..i want to be a pilot,So I need scholarship to do so…please help me…I love Aviation Industry…

  47. Elvis Mutui Says:

    I am really in need of a scholarship to study piloting in the USA in 2019 kindly help me

  48. Dwayne segree Says:

    I am dwayne and am from jamaica
    I would like to pursue a carrer in the field of avaition but pursueing this is going to be a challenge for me as i am faced with really bad financial problems
    So if u can asit in any way i would love that
    Thank 🙂 .

  49. thembisile Says:

    Hi im thembisile mabele from south Africa Durban I really want to be a pilot and I would like to study in the US in 2019 but I am not financial stable would you kindly help me please🙏

  50. Moses Joseph Says:

    I am Moses from Nigeria i studied Aircraft Engineering and i want to go for PGD or MSc or FAA License. Please i need help on how to get scholarship to it . help me get the scholarship.


    Hi, I am from Ethiopia i need scholarship to up grade my degree in civil engineering, please help me to get this scholarship.
    Thanks for the opportunity .

  52. Abimbola Says:

    Can I get scholarship to study space law ? That’s my passion. Thank you

  53. Ntigeli Abraham Ifeakachukwu Says:

    Dear sir.
    Good evening sir. Am from Lagos Nigeria and am looking for an international student helicopter scholarship for my private pilot license training program. I have gotten admission several times in helicopter schools in America but I forfeited it because their was no funds to pay for my training please consider me sir and help me with scholarship opportunities to achieve my helicopter dream sir.

  54. Luis Sagbaicela Says:

    Hello. My principal goal is studying aviation but the cost is high. So, I looking for an scholarship for doing ir. Please consider me and help me to get this scholarship.
    I hope you may help me. Thanks.

  55. Shaibu Sulemana Cisse Says:

    Am shaibu from ghana i completed senior high and i want to peruse aircraft maintenance engineering which am loikibg forward for your reply

  56. Shaibu Sulemana Cisse Says:

    I will be very placed if you will offer me a scholarship of aircraft maintenance engineering,is my dream to work on a high level and achive something better in my life so i could help the natoin,my community,my county and the world thank you am shaibu sulemana from ghana west africa thank you

  57. Jonathan Simango Says:

    I have been strughling to secure funds for aviation school, please, im in need of assistance, any kind

  58. Jonathan Simango Says:

    Im willing to do anything in line with this dream to secure funding for air school, my hope is God finds me someone out there

  59. sadiq Says:

    I am a Commercial Pilots Licensed Holder. I have not gotten a job after 4years of my graduation. Kinly assist me in all ways that you can. I dont mind paying back by working foe you. Because i know i can’t afford the, pay and logistics. MY TRAINING WAS ALSO A GOVERNMENT SCHOLARSHIP. Save a Pilot.

  60. Kidist ketema Says:

    Dear sir
    I am Kidist Ketema from Ethiopia. I had done Bsc in civil engineering from Adama university last year and I am highly pationated in aviation academy if you offer me this free scholarship, I can fill my dream work.
    Please help me to get the scholars. I am very interested in this.
    Phone no 0921123323
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  61. Jordan Marley Says:

    Becoming a pilot is my wildest dream, it is a dream that I cannot shake it off I truely have a heart for this Job and I want to spend the rest of my life in the sky but its really hard for me to get in because the fee is too expensive, therefore I really need a scholarship.
    Thanks 🙂

  62. Miranda Tate Says:

    I’m a young mother with three little girls. I have them half time and I’ve made mistakes where I’m in debt. I’m homeless and working to get my debts paid. I been offered easy money and turned it away knowing that I’m better than that. I will become a good role model and leader for my girls. My dream and goal is to complete college and become a professional pilot. My parents are not supportive of me nor do they believe in me. They pushed me an my girls away when we needed them most. I’m strong and I’m happy this happen. It only makes me want this more and it’s not to prove anyone wrong, but to show myself I can and my kids. If I can start by getting financed through a scholarship, to begin it would be greatly appreciated.
    -when someone says you can’t, it’s only cause they cannot. Believe in you and don’t let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do.


  63. Tatenda Muvami Says:

    My name is Tatenda Muvami a young lady aged 23 ,from a small town dusty of Beit bridge in Zimbabwe. l come from poor background ,cannot afford send me to a culinary arts school. l am looking for a scholarship to study in America because my country recovering form a military coup and because the U.S.A offers the culinary arts in the world.

    l hope my application will greatly considered

    Thank you

  64. Asiamah Paul Says:

    I wish to apply for a scholarship

  65. Asiamah Paul Says:

    I am Asiamah Paul. I wiki be graduating from high school next year. I have always dreamed of being part of the Aviation Team. I am looking for a scholarship to join your team.
    I wish my plight will be taken to consideration, Thank you.

  66. Kugonza Joel Nuwagaba Says:

    It has always been my fate and it is join aviation… But though dis l GOD will bless my fate to be soon.. God bless u.. Joel ,aged 18 4m Uganda, Hoima district.. 4 God and my country

  67. Katty Limunga Makia Says:

    Hi maam I’m katty from Cameroon and secondary school graduate presently in Singapore, please I wish to become and air hostess or flight attendant, please help me here us my what’s app contact +237671880267

  68. Lydiah Ondieki Says:

    My greatest desire is to be granted a flight attendant training scholarship for 2018.
    Kindly consider.
    Thanks in advance.


  69. uchi Dorathy Says:

    I am from Nigeria, I want to become a pilot and the aviation tuition is quite pricey, I need a scholarship and would be truly excited if this is granted to me, thank you.

  70. Tashi chophyl Says:

    Sir….. i want to study aeronautical engineering ……and i m bhutanese…. how can i apply for it as a scholarship?

  71. omuut Abraham Says:

    I am looking forward to pursuing my aviation goal that I would have commenced with the training but things did not workout therefore I could not wait to confirm this upper hand from you to make it happen for me because aviation flows in the blood as my ambition and passion that’s why I don’t give up on becoming a pilot soon. I am also 20 years of age male and completed high school in 2016 and my thing always is flying.
    I can’t wait for this awesome opportunity from you that am ready to offer a service for lessons and the terms and conditions applied for the sponsorship.
    I appreciate your beautiful response always.

    Thanks very much
    God bless all
    Abraham Omuut
    Future captain

  72. Mwesigwa Joshua Says:

    Hi Bryanna, Iam Mwesigwa Joshua from Uganda and Iam 18. I just completed my high school diploma last year and I would like you to help me get a scholarship in aircraft engineering. I have some off academics skills and I have also done my basis aerodynamics on a personal basis. Please consider me and help me get to my dream. Thankyou.

  73. Nuri Abdalhafied Says:

    I am a Libyan citizen I have finished my ppl license with Night Rating approx 100hrs from South african Flight Academy and i want to complete my CPL WITH INSTRUMENT RATING MULTI ENGINE.
    also i have a DISPATCHER License on A320 & A330
    Please advise me how to get a Scholarship to complete my study

    Your Earlier Response Will be a highly Appreciate .

  74. sapuni wijesundara Says:

    hello sir,
    Im a advanced level student yet in Srilanka.i am willing to get a scholarship to study aviation in your’ im a 17 years old and study in maths stream at a leading school in srilanka.i hope a favourable reply.

  75. patrik okoa Says:

    am patrick okoa 19 years,completed my high school 2016.Am passionate and eagerly interested to do aviation.Unfortnately,i haven’t started yet because i could not afford to pay since am a needy student.I stay with my single mum since dad died while i was still in primary.I got aid for my secondary school from bright and needy student foundation which helped me for my studies till i finished.I like Physics Which i scored-A-,Geography -A-,and mathematics-B+,also am talented in football ,music composition ,and inspiring and counselling people which granted me leadership certificates in high school.Kindly grant me scholarship to grow my career and gifts.Thank you.

  76. patrick NA okoa Says:

    I have well equipped foundational level in accounting ,that is ACCA to be specific .And i maneged 61 points in Accountant in business,financial accounting and management accounting.However,am really passionate in aviation.Am kindly request even if i can manage to get cadet level or aviation computer science sponsorship/scholarship to start with i have no problem since as long as it leads me to my dream goal.Am hoping to get leverage for my education.Thank you.

  77. Dipanjana Chowdhury Says:

    Hello sir, i m a bangladeshi. Is it possible for me to apply in foreign flying schools n get a job? Is there any scholarship available for bangladeshi students? If anybody has answers to my questions pls kindly notify me in my mail box.


    Hi my name is NYAMBE SEPISO from Zambia. I really need to study aviation but failed to do so due lack of finances. Is there any international organization where i can apply to for scholarship? Am currently studying a bachelor’s degree in economics and mathematics at the university of Zambia in my fourth year finishing in December 14, 2018. Your guidance and response shall be highly appreciated. Thank you.

  79. Gene Junior Says:

    Am in need so I can I get there am really interested in aviation.

  80. Phu Nguyen Says:

    Hello. First you’ll want to begin by searching for schools that would be of interest to you that carry the degree you wish to earn. You can begin that search here:

    After you choose a school you can seek scholarships that may be available to you.

    Thank you for writing and we wish you the best.

  81. Janet Otieno Says:

    Hllw I’m Janet Otieno from Kenya….I’m done with high school……always had an inspiration of joining a cabin crew but I can’t really afford the fee……I really want to study abroad …..but to do that I need help….please

  82. Connor Blay Says:

    Hi Janet, thank you for reading! You can use our free Scholarship Search tool to find international scholarships that are available to you.

  83. Farman Says:

    I want to become a commercial pilot and I’m interested but unfortunately I can’t afford my self

  84. Connor Blay Says:

    Hi Farman! You can use our free Scholarship Search tool to find international scholarships that are available to you.

  85. Jhanarey Jade Fornes Says:

    Hello, I want to become a Commercial pilot someday buy its too expensive and i can’t afford it, Anyone who’s willing to give scholarship.

  86. Connor Blay Says:

    Hi Jhanarey! If you register for a free account, you can view contact information for more than 1,600 international scholarships within our College Scholarship Search database. Find instructions on how to register and the search tool here.

  87. Faith Says:

    I want to study airline attender in the us but the tuition fees is too much
    My parents don’t have money to support me but it’s my dream and I want to pursue it
    If I can get a scholarship to study it in the US,, I’ll be very happy

  88. charmonewallace Says:


    Thank you for your interest studying abroad!

    The most effective approach is to directly contact the schools you’re considering. You can start this process by searching on

    For financial aid, you might be eligible for various options, including loans and scholarships. You can explore these opportunities by visiting:
    Scholarships Overview:
    Scholarship Search:

    Our scholarship search feature allows you to find scholarships based on your field of study, study location, or your home country. After identifying a scholarship that you are eligible for, it is important to contact the institution offering the scholarship directly for the application process and any specific queries.

    Best of luck in your journey!
    – The International Student Team

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