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Short Term Student Health Insurance

Posted on February 23rd, 2006 by admin

This is not so much an international related topic but I am sure we have some US Citizens who read our blog, if so then this is for you. The Student STM is a great short term student insurance product designed to plug the gaps when you don’t have coverage. A great example of where […]

Jet Lag – This is really useful!

Posted on February 16th, 2006 by admin

I am sure you are all like me, you love to travel, but you hate having to deal with Jet Lag – really for me its mostly being really tired and for the first few days not feeling like doing much! Having just come back to the UK after 3 weeks away, I was keen […]

How do I unlock my phone?

Posted on February 15th, 2006 by admin

A question that I am constantly getting from students that travel around the world is “How do I unlock my phone?”. To some of you this may not make much sense, but essentially what the person is asking is how can I use my mobile phone around the world when I travel! Most of the […]

850,000 Student in the UK by 2020 – True or False?

Posted on February 12th, 2006 by admin

The UK University application figures are released this coming week, and all points to a decline in the number of foreign students – a business that is very lucrative for schools as they can charge much higher fees that EU students. The report goes against the Vision 2020 study that said numbers could reach 850,000 […]

Tax season is upon us!

Posted on February 3rd, 2006 by admin

The tax season in the USA generally kicks off at the beginning of each year. Everyone scrambles to get their filings done in time for the deadline on April 15th. One of the main problems for international students is that they do not know they have to file. Even though you have not worked, or […]

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