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Money Saving Tips – Find Cheap Flights!

Posted on December 11th, 2007 by Jennifer Frankel

Students are notorious for wanting to get cheap things, and for most part if you are a student you can get things cheaper than most through student discounts, student travel cards, etc… However if you are not a student or you want to get even cheaper airfare when you travel around the world we have some great money saving tips that will help find great low cost flights:

1. Travel on Holidays – With this time of year, the rush to get flights can really push up the prices and so trying to fly home before Christmas will most likely cost a premium. If you want to get home, but still save some money, travel on Christmas Day or the day after Christmas (Boxing Day for the English folk amongst us) to save money. Flights are generally much cheaper and there is more availability – so if you can arrive a few days later its a great option!

2. Travel on Off-Peak Days – There are off-peak and on-peak days in the travel industry when flights are generally cheaper. If you want to save some money try and fly on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday as the cost will often be lower than flying over the weekend or on Monday/ Friday.

3. Search Low-Fare Airlines – If you live in NY for example, and you want to get to Nice in France, sometimes trying to book all the way through can be expensive. Instead try booking from NY to London, Paris, Madrid which are the main trans-atlantic routes and then look at low fare websites like Ryan Air or Easyjet for cheaper connections – it could save you some money.

4. Flexible Locations – Often flying from major airports can be more expensive so check out the other airports, for example London has Heathrow, Gatwick, London City, Stansted and Luton all within a close distance. Most cities are the same and have smaller airports that are cheaper to fly into.

For more information to search for low-cost student airfare, please see our site and if you have any other tips to find low-cost student airfare deals then please feel free to post any comments.

5 Responses to “Money Saving Tips – Find Cheap Flights!”

  1. Mr Cheap Flights Says:

    These are some pretty good tips, especially the off-peak days I never actually realised that but it makes sense now you mention it. I travel a lot for work so I’ll have to think about being less particular about dates and more specific about days. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Super Cheap Flights Says:

    Yup I guess we should not discount the fact that choosing dates more than days will help us more on saving on our flights. Specially when traveling is a major part of our work.

  3. Trackback – Cheap Internation Call >> How to make cheap international call Says:

    ,..] is one another interesting source on this issue,..]

  4. Scottie Catton Says:

    Some good info here. I am continuing to for additional ideas on travel tips and would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

  5. Exhibit Solution Says:

    Good tips. But travelling on off peak days lessens some excitement :). Anyway you have written it sympathetically for us. Thanks

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