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10 Things To Do After Studying Abroad

Posted on March 3rd, 2012 by Apinant Hoontrakul

In our previous blog we talked about 10 Thing To Do Before Studying Abroad, but for many of us we look forward to our trip and never had much chance to think about what we would do once we return home. This time we will talk about the 10 things to do after studying abroad.

Attend a welcome back event

After you return home from what is most likely one of the most incredible experience, there is no doubt you will want to talk about your experience with people who share your interest. Many schools and universities hold a reentry event for students who have just return from their study abroad trip. Attending one of these functions gives you a good opportunity to talk about your journey and hear the experience of other students like you. Many study abroad reentry events also give you tips on how to cope with reverse culture shock, they may even give you a list of their own 10 things to do after studying abroad as well!

Reintroduce yourself to life back at home

Adjusting to life back at home can be difficult. You will have to take back many of the responsibilities that you may have forgotten about while you were abroad. With work, and most like a heavier school schedule you may find yourself overwhelmed after your trip. Take time to reintroduce yourself to your life back at home.

Reflect back on your experience and put it all together

If you enjoy writing I recommend keeping a travel journal while on your journey. Keeping a travel journal help you organize your thoughts and help you reflect on your experience during your trip. Doing this allows you to look back on your entire experience as a whole and perhaps even view it from a different perspective than while living through the moment.

Find a local community of people from your adopted country

Returning home does not mean that your international experience is over either! Studying abroad should be the first step you take on your journey to becoming a more internationally-minded person. Find a community of people from other countries or from the country you have visited and get involved.

Continue your education

If you fell in love with the country you were visiting, developing new interests you never know you had or want to be able to speak the language better, continue your education even when you returned home. Try taking a language class or learn the history of your country of interest.

Keep in touch with the people you’ve met

After studying abroad, you probably have made many new friends from all around the world. While it is hard to stay in touch, it is worth your while to continue your friendship with the people you have met. Your friends that you have met during your study can provide a valuable connection for you to other cultures and view points from abroad and vice versa.

Pay it forward, help others study abroad

Now that you have done it, help others achieve their dream of studying abroad come true as well. Give advice to those people on how to make it possible; many schools have organization to do just that, so join up and feel good doing it.

Update your CV/Resume

Study abroad is fun, but don’t forget about the “study” in study abroad. Once you have return to home, don’t forget to update your resume. Many employers are now looking for study abroad experience in their future employees. So don’t forget to include any activities, class or work experience you have into your resume.

Share experiences with family and friends at home

When you return, your family and friends are no doubt going to want to hear how your trip was and you will probably want to tell them about it as well. However, don’t let talks about how wonderful your trip abroad was to your friends be the only conversation for the next few months. Remember, many things happened at home while you are away as well. Listen to what your friends have to tell you about their stories as well.

Plan for your next study abroad trip!

Lastly, explore the opportunity of going on another study abroad program! Challenge yourself even further. If you went to an English speaking country, why not try a country where they speak a language you’re not familiar with? If you went with an organized program with many other students from your country, try going somewhere you will be surrounded more by people from other cultures.

Can you think of your own list of 10 things to do after studying abroad? Share it with us in the comment section.

6 Responses to “10 Things To Do After Studying Abroad”

  1. scholarships Says:

    Very good pointers. I am very happy to read this. Thanks for this informative post.

  2. Mario Hargianto Says:

    What about work or joining categorial community after studying abroad? Most of my big family members went to gather with our big family and mingled with our previous network of friends then worked after studying abroad.
    Your list, Apinant, is inspiring. Thank you.

  3. darko paul Says:

    yeah very nice guideline buh u know,that’s soon gona be my story cos am yet to study abroad…lol

  4. obolo olupitan e Says:

    yeah very nice & excellent outlines but u knw, very that gona be my story b’cos yet 2 study abroad…hi.

  5. Alejandra Acosta Says:

    Hi to all, very interesting tips. I will like to make a few questions. When you study abroad or when you travel, what language do you use to communicate?? Do you speak in English or do you use the language of the country you are in? How do you feel when you find out that people around the world speak English and Portuguese, English and Spanish, English and Russian, English and Chinese? Do you think it is important for professionals around the world to speak in English.

    Please make any comments.

    M.Ed. Alejandra Acosta.

  6. Jim Says:

    very important topic…
    all kids that i have seen come back home to find that they have nothing to do and go back to the same place to see if what they studied might help them in settling down there..

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