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Holidays to Celebrate in the US as an International Student

Posted on July 22nd, 2016 by Bryanna Davis

One of the greatest ways to become immersed in American culture as an international student is by celebrating traditional American holidays. Holidays like Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Veterans’ Day, and MLK day all celebrate American culture and accomplishments. On the Fourth of July you may see festivities such as fireworks and parades, both of which are fun ways to celebrate this holiday with friends and family. The Fourth of July is truly a celebration of American accomplishments because it was the day that the U.S. claimed its independence from Britain. Many people will be seen sporting patriotic decorations and wearing patriotic attire.

Another holiday that allows you to experience American culture is MLK day. MLK, or Martin Luther King Jr., was a leader in the Civil Rights movement, which called for equal treatment for African Americans in the United States. Going to festivals and parades is a great way to experience African American culture while in the United States. People tend to get very passionate about honoring their roots during MLK day, so these festivals are a great way to see diversity in the United States.

Some holidays, such as Veterans’ Day and Memorial Day, are celebrations of U.S. Veterans. These holidays are usually celebrated by taking a work day off and attending casual gatherings such as barbecues and cookouts. This type of celebration is great for meeting new people and getting to know old friends better. Usually, in the late afternoon, a memorial service, march, or parade is held to show appreciation for U.S. Veterans.

Another and perhaps the most notable holiday that celebrates American Culture is Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is remembrance of the time that Pilgrims and Native Americans were brought together by giving thanks for a meal. It is a celebration of people of two very different cultures being bonded through food. Thanksgiving is a great opportunity for family and close friends to come together and give thanks over a meal. Traditionally, turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and other comfort foods are eaten on Thanksgiving. As an international student, it is a good idea to share a Thanksgiving dinner with the family of a close friend or at a community center where other students will be dining. Thanksgiving will bring you and your desired dining companions together over a big and filling meal. You will chat and tell jokes while enjoying delicious food. It truly is one of the most notable American holidays and one of the many great ways to experience American culture as an international student in the United States.

Make sure you check out more on American culture before you become an international student in the United States.

Written by Bryanna Davis

Bryanna joined EIC in 2011 after returning to the United States from teaching English in China. Her interest in international education, sparked initially by her own study abroad experience in Wales, led her to the company. Bryanna is originally from Missouri and is a graduate from the University of Central Missouri.

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