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Enter The “Perfect College” Contest

Posted on January 2nd, 2015 by Bryanna Davis

The journey to become an international student starts with finding the perfect college. Every student has a different idea and varying criteria when classifying the “perfect college”  and we want to hear your thought on this topic! Tell us your favorite college or university on our social media channels in January and February and you will be entered into our Perfect College Contest!

To enter this contest you must be 18 or older and already enrolled or planning to enroll in college or university outside of your home country. All entries must be submitted on or before February 28th at 11:59EST. One lucky winner will be selected and announced the week of March 2nd. This winner will receive a $250 amazon gift card. Here’s how to enter:

1. Search to find your dream school
2. Tell us on Facebook, Twitter or G+ which school you think is the perfect college or university. While you’re there don’t forget to like, follow or add us to your circle.

Enter the “Perfect College” contest for a chance to win $250! Good luck!

Written by Bryanna Davis

Bryanna joined EIC in 2011 after returning to the United States from teaching English in China. Her interest in international education, sparked initially by her own study abroad experience in Wales, led her to the company. Bryanna is originally from Missouri and is a graduate from the University of Central Missouri.

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52 Responses to “Enter The “Perfect College” Contest”

  1. Solangeli Triana Sanchez Says:

    Thank you, for give us opportunities for search our perfect college.

  2. Bryanna Davis Says:

    Hi Solangeli,

    We are glad you enjoy the chance to find your dream school and enter our contest. Good luck!

  3. Dipanwita Dutta Says:

    Respected Sir/ Madam

    I, Dipanwita Dutta, am a student at JNCASR, Bangalore (India). I am a potential applicant for PhD, 2015 applying to Oxford and Cambridge and few other Univerities in UK. I will be grateful if you can let me know if any funding or scholarship opportunities are available. If so where to get the form. It is dream to study in these Universities and I have obtained so. But for scholarships I wont be able to study there, I am really disheartened. I am sure I am a deserving candidate but my financial condition is poor. Looking forward to an encouraging reply.
    I got through Cambridge and Oxford Universities last year for the October session, 2014. But I could not apply for many scholarships as they were few and I did not get through. Please Sir kindly look through this problem I will be really grateful.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Dipanwita Dutta

  4. Anthony Apedido Says:

    Am most grateful for all the opportunities given us to acquire all the knowledge power to help serve in our generations well. Thanks.

  5. Joelle Says:

    Hi, I’m new to the site. Just wondering if you only promote universities from the U.S, U.K and Australia. I’m planning on going to college in Canada however I haven’t found any Canadian schools on your site which is why I’m just asking to get some confirmation on the matter.

  6. Bryanna Davis Says:

    Hi Joelle,

    Thanks for visiting!

    We unfortunately only have a list of schools in the US, not any in Canada at this time. Sorry about that- good luck finding the information you need.

  7. Shivam Says:

    Good Morning to all. I am Shivam Vyas from India. I’m Studying in class 12th and it will be complete in April 2015. My dream is to change the world that help the human beings as well as all animals and Universe. I know I’m Little Crazy But remember “Crazy Persons make History and Normal Person read History”. Good Example is Einstein that change the world. i wish to become genetic Engineer it’s my dream. i want to study in “University of Chicago” i think it is best University for me. it gave me that chance that i want. it gave that knowledge that i want to complete my dream. Peoples forgot the meaning of studying. Studying Means Not to become Doctor,Engineer etc… or not to earn lots of money. it means open your mind with Knowledge and from that old Knowledge create a New thing that helps to understand thing Better. But due to Money they Forgot the Real Meaning of learning. due this money it is not affordable to me to study in Aboard because I belongs from Middle Class Family. My father works in STD,Computer job work shop. My mother works in Private School. so they didn’t earned very much amount of money that fulfill my dream. It is very Expensive University as my brother is in Engineering College so it is not affordable me to study in University Of Chicago. I want to win contest and this help me to study in abroad. please its my humble Request to you give me one chance. 

    Thank you

  8. Nenad Micevic Says:

    Dear “Perfect College” representatives,

    This gesture of support to individuals in pursuit of education is highly appreciated. Personally, I am in high hope of receiving any sort of aid on my path to expand my knowledge and find my place in this world.
    The education I had in my home country was not entirely on a level that I have hoped it would be when I enrolled.
    Thus, I am endeavouring to continue my studies abroad, preferably in the US. My current area of expertise is closeley related to ESL, education, literature and most of all, to English language.
    To be honest, I received quite an amount of knowledge and skills, but very little practice. Also, I expected a wider choice of subjects and I came out dissapointed.
    I am well aware that the quality of education that I would like to receive in the US is expensive for my standards, and I am ready and willing to work unless I am granted some sort of scholarship or financial aid.
    Looking forward to hearing from you,


    Nenad M.

  9. Osofuwa Abimbola Peter Says:

    It does not matter the level of achievement one had attained, if one do not achieve his/her dream, his/her very life passion; he/she is not successful. I have a degree in microbiology but my dream and passion always is to become a physician consultant , I have seen myself to be one. I have this strong desire to study in any US medical college to achieve this dream and see me fulfilled. It does not matter the reputation of the college, it won’t make me, it will just only help bring to live, to reality, what is already embedded in me. “After all, touching and handling is what makes the great differences.” I won’t hesitate to board any ship that will help me get to this destination. So far, financial aid has been my sole challenge, even till date.
    I will be very grateful if my application is favourably treated.
    Looking forward to hear from you soon.

    Yours sincerely,
    Osofuwa Abimbola Peter

  10. Lucia Guarienti Says:

    My perfect school would the school that prepare me the bests for the reality of the industries and allows me to do what I love as much as I can, it also let space at my own creativity and imagination with no limits! Fortunately I found this school and it’s the Academy of Art University here in San Francisco! I am a Freshman starting my second semester excited and thrilled to see what this experience is gonna give me!!
    The perfect college challenge!

  11. Bryanna Davis Says:

    Thank you all for entering- good luck!

  12. Grace Assam Says:

    Thanks ma’am for giving a lot of us out there this great opportunity. It takes a person that has had an experience of something to try to wanna change the system. I know the feeling cos i have been through it and still am…not getting to study where your heart truly desires could be really not fulfilling. I believe i have a bright future ahead of me and even though i don’t get to win, i know that time will come for me too…could be today, could be tomorrow. “The Perfect College” contest rocks!!!

  13. Isabelle Garcia Says:

    My “perfect college” is CUNY Borough of Manhattan Community College. Here’s why:

    After 10 years of work experience in multimedia design, I set about to go back to school to further develop my skills and to study multimedia programming. I decided to do so at the City University of New York because, coming from France, a country where education is mainly public, I had the feeling that CUNY best suits my personality. Yet, I found at the Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) an incredible, diverse and helpful community with whom I feel very comfortable.

    Additionally, foreign students like me, have less access to scholarships and financial aid, thus I am very conscious and grateful for CUNY’s affordability compared to other universities in United States. Last year, I applied to the BMCC Foundation Scholarship which I was honored to receive. It came as a reward for my commitment to study and to the BMCC community. It is also a great opportunity for me to earn my Associate Degree in Multimedia Programming from this college and to move on to another CUNY four-year college.

    My goal is to earn a bachelor’s degree at City College of Technology. My dream is to help other students, like me, to accomplish their own dreams by working as a multimedia programming teacher at a public university like CUNY.

    If you choose New York City as your destination to study abroad, I can only recommend BMCC! “BMCC, Start Here, Go Anywhere!”

  14. claudia Says:

    I choose Walden University
    thank you

  15. Fonguck Kingsley Fotabe Says:

    I chosed SDSU ’cause it is economical as far as tution is concern and has my field of interest to study.And again it offeran associate degree which i will just switch from there to a my bachelor’s degree program without any need to change either state or university as well,thus will be convinient for me .
    Thank you.

  16. Fonguck Kingsley Fotabe Says:

    It is still me ,that SDSU i chosed means South Dakota State University.

  17. abdussalam Says:

    It’s great that there be given hope to the people. But I always find it difficult to communicate. I hope to find a solution.

  18. Arlen Caceres Says:

    I hope will be iowa State University this university is great

  19. Arlen Caceres Says:

    I hope will be iowa State University

  20. Arlen Caceres Says:

    Kirkwood community college the great college

  21. Aiman Says:

    I want to get admitted in CUNY zicklin school of business

  22. aftab ahmed Says:

    Perfect College is york University

  23. Abdurasul (Abdul Hamid) Says:

    Amazing initiative to get good comments about favorite colleges around the world, thanks.

    Definitely All universities among top 1000 on earthe are best places to enhance personal KSA I reckon.

    Undoubtedly, however, I am willing to master up at Hult International Business School. One can enjoy among several majors like MBA, EMBA, MIB, MF and MIM with one-year MBA being the most innovative approach according to AASB in 2014.

    By the way for me it is very high investment as i am trying to self finance my graduate education @ Hult IBS, is there any scholarships to apply to utilize in Hult IBS??

    Thank You!

  24. Molham Kayali Says:

    My name is Molham Kayali and i study at Emporia State University

  25. Maria Eugenia Says:

    For me the perfect University would be The University of Texas at Austin!!

  26. Sergio Soares Says:

    The perfect one for me, is UC Davis

  27. Katherin Bracho Says:

    I am from Venezuela, I got my degree on Psychology at the age of 19, my skills in this field are excellent, Now that I’ve finished with college I am interested of doing something else, I want to grow up as a person, as an student, I have amazing plans for life… knowing that US have given great theories my dream is studying in an American University. Florida Memorial University is the the best option for me. Thanks to international students I could finde my perfect college. Now the challenge is to make my dreams come true.

  28. Hussein Says:

    Hi , Thank you for your amazing idea. For me the perfect University would be The University of California.

  29. Hashem California Says:

    My perfect college or University, is a kind of which offer some financial aids, or accept me like a RA, A University which concern about its int students’ cost and expense. Such a University which is in an environment in which students are able to find a part time job easily.

  30. Subash Says:


    This is a perfect contest to me. I am searching for a long time. I think my perfect college is Towson university. Thanks to this contest to get perfect college to me.thanks for this!

  31. mina Says:

    I am Mina from Iran
    Master of Science Communication
    In the field of public relations at a university in England or America PhD I wanted to continue my studies please Here guides.

  32. Mamer Kueth Says:

    I would like to express my gratitude to thank the Perfect College Fraternity for creating this platform for everyone to express his/her heartfelt academic quest. I am a South Sudanese national holding a bachelor degree in Political Science and Public Administration from Moi University, Kenya.
    I would like to enroll for master program in Political Science and Public Administration at the University of Nairobi Kenya.
    I have great conviction that the cause of humanity can be improved through sensitization and education of public on democratic ideals and principles that safeguard the cause of
    human population on this planet. I want to see the world that is free from strife, violent conflicts or wars as well as any other phenomenon that may be perceived to endanger human existence.
    All in all, it is only education that can change anything from worst to best.
    Looking forward to your response.

  33. amin Says:

    hi friend’s
    I’m Amin from Iran
    I want to continue my education in master in United States in Civil Engineering can you help me in finding a good university????

  34. Luhaga James Amos Says:

    I’m a Tanzanian graduate in BSc Environmental Sciences and Management. I would like to continue with masters degree in University of California. Considering my financial situation is not good. I will only go once sponsors are available.
    I will be waiting for your response.

  35. Sunday Lionel Seyon Says:

    i am in search for financial guarantee for studies to the USA

  36. makanwa Boi friday Says:

    I want to continue my education as international students in United States or Canada. is very high investment as i am trying to go back to school i am also search for financial Aid i will be every once if i have a sponsors are available
    I shall be grateful if my financial Aid for The International Student Blog can be favorably.

    Thanks Yours faithfully

  37. Makuochukwu Says:

    I’m makuo from Nigeria and want to study Economics Undergraduate in USA CHINA UK or CANADA

  38. Makuochukwu Says:

    I’m Makuo from Nigeria and plan to study Economics in USA UK CHINA OR CANADA

  39. Bentum-Mensah Godwin Says:

    am Bentum from Ghana currently reading my first degree in Bsc. Statistics at University of Cape Coast. I want to further my education at Stockholm University

  40. Mary Says:

    I love California State University, Los Angeles! I hope that I will be given the opportunity to study there and achieve my master degree in Fine Arts! It’s really a perfect place to enroll my higher education! It would be perfect if I won a shcolarship!)))

  41. Shahzoda Says:

    I’m from Russia. I’m an international student in the US. I study at Green River College. I’m doing my AA degree in electric engineering. My goal is to transfer to Washington University. It would be awesome to win a scholarship.

  42. thrylokya reddy Says:


    I am from India.I am an international student,i want to study pre med in USA and become a doctor.I am a freshman, how many years does it take to become a doctor in USA. Is it preferable to study medicine in USA.Medicine in USA is very costly so i cannot afford to study there if i win scholarship it would be very useful for me.

  43. NYEKA Scott Says:

    Smith college is my perfect college .

  44. Ives Rdialul Says:

    Hello, my name is ives rdialul to me a perfect college is the college of your own choice

  45. Ives Rdialul Says:

    Hello, my name is ives I believe that the perfect college is the college of your own choice and the one that you believe that you want to enroll in and continue your education.

  46. Helen Says:

    My perfect college is Walden University. It has the possibility of studying on line. The fee is reasonable. They also have a multicultural aspect which is very important for today’s business world. I would like to complete my bachelors degree with them. I currently finishing my Associates degree.

  47. emare rufus Says:

    This is the best forum for youths everywhere in the world to express themselves and get a well rounded education

  48. Yohannes BURAKA Says:

    my ambitions is education after I succeeded I will comment

    Tank you

  49. Anonymous Says:

    Hi there! This is kind of off topic but I need some guidance from an established blog. Is it hard to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty quick. I’m thinking about setting up my own but I’m not sure where to begin. Do you have any ideas or suggestions? With thanks

  50. Anonymous Says:

    After looking into a handful of the blog articles on your blog, I truly like your way of blogging. I saved it to my bookmark site list and will be checking back in the near future. Please check out my website as well and tell me your opinion.

  51. Anonymous Says:

    I have fun with, cause I found just what I used to be looking for. You have ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

  52. Anonymous Says:

    I was able to find good information from your content.

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