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Student Visa Clampdown Confirmed for the UK

Posted on February 12th, 2010 by Jennifer Frankel

The new visa rules that emerged last month for the UK were unveiled Wednesday (10th February 2010) by the home secretary Alan Johnson. There were large concerns that the new proposed rule changes would impact English language schools, as it would increase the level of english required by applicants to a level that would rule out most students who come to the UK to study English.

The new rules to the “Points Based UK Visa System” was partially in response to a scam where older international female students were applying as a student to also bring in their husbands to the UK as dependents, and as such the changes are as follows:

  1. Require overseas students to have higher standards of English (the equivalent of just below GCSE),
  2. Halving the amount of time students can work each term-time week to 10 hours
  3. Banning dependents of anyone studying for less than six months.

The new changes, however, will not only affect English Language Schools as University Vice-Chancellors are also now concerned about this affect on university funding. At the moment international students are a major source of funding for universities in the UK, and these new changes, along with the suspension of visa applications in India due to a recent large surge at the tail end of last year – could see a large drop in the numbers of international students in the UK.

To read the full original article and for more information about the visa changes, please see the Guardian story.

Are you an international student trying to apply to the UK? Or are you concerned by these new regulations – post your comments below and let us know what you think!

35 Responses to “Student Visa Clampdown Confirmed for the UK”

  1. Sanjay Says:

    Just read the above article on new rules and regulations related to international students. Could someone let me know whether how these rules will effect the existing students who had been already granted visa and currently on studies?

  2. ALI Says:

    CAn anyone help me to know that when these new changes will take effect……..???

  3. Sanjay Says:

    Beginning of March 2010

  4. ismail Says:

    i complete electrical engineering i need Phd schlorships.

  5. HollyM Says:

    The full article on The Guardian mentions nothing with regard to current visa holders. If it did, it would be an even larger news story. I would think that current visa holders enrolled in university are fine. Time for concern will be with re-application.

  6. Sanjay Says:

    Thanks HollyM.. anybody on how it will affect the PSW visa’s I just completed my Degree but now my college is suspended Can I still apply for PSW as long as its on a UK listed body but not on UKBA sponsor list.. The degree was awarded by University of Sunderland

  7. WaltzingMatilda Says:

    The UK, the original BIG brother of racist Australia. Need we say more?

  8. della Says:

    very complicated.

  9. Tom Says:

    I’m going to do M.Sc international management in Bristol for 1 year at BBS. Do any one know about this what is time permit for Ms c students for doing part time in u.k.Please reply.

  10. Vimal Mishra Says:

    Hi all,

    How is the MBA from London School of Commerce?
    Also, Part Time Job options in London.

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  13. Rekha Says:

    Hi i am applying for MSc in computer science/IT in month of jan 2011 . I jst need to knw tht whether plocies for student visa and PSW visa are going to change in the yr 2011 or not…and also let me knw what will be the part time work duration for masters?

  14. SEEMA Says:

    Sir I have applied for student visa for uk as on 04-01-2010. My college is under register tier 4. Sir Is it possible to get visa now? My all the formatlites are full and truth. I have mailed to department so many times but no response is there? Sir what should I do? I should wait or not as 7 months is going to over.

  15. liyaz Says:

    how long required for processing of student visa

  16. C Says:

    Hi, Could someone tell me if the PSW visa system is going to be taken off / stopped in 2011/2012??


  17. suliman Says:

    i am poor student of pakistan bajaur agency khar civil colony karpark hotel and g c m s pleis hlip me in your brother suliman becose taliban all demaige school and college bajaur agency so hlip me my study in your contry and send me free visa for study

  18. CHARLOTTE Says:

    I truly do back you up on this one mate.

  19. Sophie Says:

    There are so many issues and information being shared in the internet and I am so glad I am connected. So talk about. Nice blog you got here. I am so glad I found your blog on Google. Keep writing and I will check it out again. Sharing your thoughts in the internet is a great accomplishment and I admire you so much for inspiring so many readers.

  20. sunil Says:

    yes psw is going to stop in april 2011. There is no point in studing in the UK. When comparing the education system in the UK it is simply useless. It is far better in India. The only positive aspect is there are much more facilities over here. The fees for international students are going to go up. It is worthless taking the risk and coming and studing in the UK. You get much more knowledge studing in India

  21. sunil Says:

    Yes PSW is going to be stopped in April 2011

  22. mathew Says:

    I am an electrical engineer from India and have nearly four years of experience in Middle East. I am studying my MSc in UK. I made a decision to come here to study because there is an option to stay and work for two years. My plan is to complete the course by sept ’11 and stay and work in my field for two years and go back with a better profile. But if the PSW closure is affecting existing students as well it is a disaster for me. The reason is that the fee I am paying can’t be justified with just a degree. If I get back to India with just a degree certificate that won’t worth the money (around £18,000/- or INR 1,200,000/-) I have earned by hard work. It is almost 2.5yrs that I took to make this. It was like a business decision to come here. PSW was part of the offer I considered. Hence I hope the govt would be sensible enough (and open to business) and won’t change the rule affecting some one who took a decision to come here before the govt proposal for change.

  23. Shorifa Says:

    when the new rules 2011 will published? and how will it effective?

  24. ANIL Says:


  25. C Says:


    Thanks for the info regarding the PSW; but can anyone tell me what the new rules will bw or when they would be published? I need to apply for the PSW in March 2012 so if they take it off what is our next choice??


  26. sujaishaky Says:

    hi sir im sujaishaky from srilanka im applied english course in london richmond college that college is b sponcer college i will submit next feb 10 2011 .im scared now bcoz this is my second time first time my college has been suspend by uk boader agery… so plz reply me ..can i get visa plz help me

  27. jenny Says:

    can some help me out?

    I will finish my third year in June, and get my result in August,2011
    but my visa will experie in July. Moreover, i will have my graduate celebration in sep,2011
    Do someone knows how to deal with this situation? or are there contact number which i can contact HOME OFFICE to make a enquiry.

    thank you

  28. marocup Says:

    merci bouceaup…

  29. ppp Says:

    what are the new psw rules …….are they completely going to be banned,or they will jsut reduce its period of time

  30. Mohan Says:

    I wanted to start my MBA in UK this Sept. This was my dream from past 5 yrs. However due to recent changes in PSW I need to hold off on this, unless I get the final confirmation. Well the money that we invest for our education is 5 times greater than indian education system. Hence my request is instead of completely scrapping the PSW program. Atleast they can reschedule it. Any which ways if we are asked leave the country post study I’m sure most of them who are currently planning for overseas education will look for alternate options. Also most of the overseas counsaltants are currently pushing the students to different countries.

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  32. Vivin Says:

    This Message is For the One who is thinking to take a risk by coming & Studying in UK.

    Guys Try to understand – there is no point in studing in UK, just for name sake you can say am Studying in worlds Top most university at UK. But this won’t fetch a job at all, The government & employers of UK are keen to provide JOB’s only to Citizenship of the EU. More over PSW is going to be stopped in April 2011 only thing its not Official yet.

  33. karthik Says:

    i think all students think that,all will apply to Canada that is best option to go study and work u can get easy pr, also there i am also planning to go Canada.first i think that i want study in UK because of there r giving option to work after Ur study’s ,now there are removing that and all spending money a lot,

  34. Nelson Nim Says:

    Supérieur continuation!

  35. saadamir Says:

    Students have enjoying the events with all his friends and travel all around the beautiful world.

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