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5 Things All International Students Should Know

Posted on March 8th, 2019 by Phu Nguyen

So you’ve been accepted to the school of your choice and now you’re ready to take the steps to head over to the US and begin your studies. There is sure to be lots to do before you embark on your journey. Some tasks will certainly take higher priority than others. But what might those tasks be? And what should you know that will help an international student like yourself ease into the transition? Here are 5 things all international students should know:

  1. Each international student will require a visa to study in the US. If you’re unsure of which one applies to you or how to go about obtaining it, you can find some great help and tips here.
  2. Some schools will require that international students have insurance while they study in the US. Be sure to check what your school mandates. If your school does require insurance, see what plans will be best for you here.
  3. Have your transportation plans in place. Be sure to know how to find the best fares for flights and for transport upon your arrival. Some schools offer international student assistance that includes transport from their moment of arrival, so ask if your school participates in such kind of program. This will be particularly helpful if your English is limited.
  4. Research the best plan for purchasing or renting textbooks. The cost of textbooks fluctuate significantly depending on the options you choose. Students will want to be informed of the least expensive ways to obtain the books they need in order to keep costs down.
  5. Decide if you will want to work while you study. Then, make sure you are eligible to do so. If you are, then know your options moving forward. Many schools have programs on campus, and for some that don’t, outside alternatives are available. Be prepared to be diligent about budgeting time for both work and studies if you choose this route.

You’ll have plenty of decisions to make as a US-bound international student, but many of those decisions can be made easier with the right sources. With advice from people familiar with the process and your own adequate research, you’ll have all your ducks in a row just in time to start a successful semester.

Written by Phu Nguyen

Phu is an alumnus of the University of South Florida in Tampa, and Florida International University in Miami. A freelance writer for over a decade, her portfolio includes working with Nokia, the Georgia Aquarium, and articles in major online publications such as The Huffington Post. Phu joined Envisage as the Content Manager in October of 2018.

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7 Responses to “5 Things All International Students Should Know”

  1. Chinwe Kanu Says:

    Hello Phu,
    I was impressed after reading your blog on As an International student, how did you overcome the obstacle of 1-20 form? I’m eager to.bring my niece to study in US, but financing has been.a major road block. Do you mind relating your experience to me through my email above. I will be happy to see your response.

  2. Phu Nguyen Says:

    Hello Chinwe,

    Please visit our Visa and Immigration Center, which will have many answers to your type of question.

    Thank you for writing!

  3. Olawale Bankole Says:

    Can my visitor visa be changed to F1 visa while in the US.

  4. Phu Nguyen Says:


    Please visit our Visa and Immigration Center, which will have many answers to your type of question.

    Thank you for writing!

  5. Charlotte Says:

    I like to study

  6. Phu Nguyen Says:

    That’s great – thanks for replying!

  7. Kate Hoffmann Says:

    I regret not to have foreseen that I was not allowed to work during the study. It made my life harder.
    Indeed, before traveling and studying in another country you need to do a very detailed examination. Thank you for reminding us of that.

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