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Sexual Assault as an International Student

Posted on November 8th, 2016 by Bryanna Davis

Sexual assault in college effects both men and women. In fact, one in 5 women in college are sexually assaulted and 1 in 16 men in college are assaulted. Because of this it’s important to know what sexual assault is, how to try and prevent it from happening to you and what to do if you are sexually assaulted.

Sexual assault is any sexual contact or behavior that both parties are not in agreement on, at that point someone becomes a victim. Sexual assault can be visual, verbal or physical and can come in the form of unwanted kissing, touching or comments. Additionally, most sexual assault victims know their assailant. This means that it’s not something you only need to be concerned about when walking home alone at night, it can happen while hanging out with friends, at a party or on a date.

If you’re sexually assaulted the first thing to keep in mind is that it wasn’t your fault- even if you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If medical help is needed it’s important to seek help and know that you won’t get in trouble for being sexually assaulted while in the US. Also, as an international student who has been sexually assaulted, you will not be forced to return home or to make an official report.

A few offices on campus that can provide you with help if you are sexually assaulted include the student health center, counseling services, and your international student office.

Watch this video for more information on sexual assault awareness during your time in the US.

Written by Bryanna Davis

Bryanna joined EIC in 2011 after returning to the United States from teaching English in China. Her interest in international education, sparked initially by her own study abroad experience in Wales, led her to the company. Bryanna is originally from Missouri and is a graduate from the University of Central Missouri.

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