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How Necessary is a Game Design Internship?

Posted on March 4th, 2016 by Sutherland Beever

If you enjoy playing and creating video games, now is the time to turn that passion into the foundation for a successful career! Regardless if you’ve already started your degree in game design, or if you’re still weighing the pros and cons, it’s important to know just how impactful an internship can be on your resume as an international student. Sure your resume will already include an impressive study abroad experience, but is that enough to land you your dream job?

Ultimately the vast majority of professional video game designers have a college degree proudly showcased on their resume, but straight out of college they more than likely had something else that set them apart from other applicants aiming for the same job – an internship.

Like the majority of international students, your schedule is likely beyond packed, so is a 20 hour a week (and potentially unpaid) internship really worthwhile?  In a one-word answer, yes!

What Will You Learn?

Internships will likely be your first look into the ‘real world’ as professionals like to say, and will be your first experience interacting with real developers in an office setting. More than likely you won’t get to work on the huge projects – at least not right away, but from day one you will be working with a real company performing tasks and gaining knowledge that you will carry with you throughout your career.

Not convinced yet? Here are some additional internship perks:

  • Real World Programming Practice
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Instant Boost in Self-Confidence
  • Possibility to Earn College Credits
  • Practice Refining your Art Skills
  • Learn and Implement General Design Principles

One of the best things about internships is that your employer knows that you are at a developmental stage in your career and likely don’t possess all of the skills necessary to obtain full time employment – yet. It’s great to be a little nervous at the thought of a game design internship, but ultimately you are there to learn the ‘tricks of the trade’ and in turn, get some great experience for your resume, and if you’re lucky, a few pieces to start a design portfolio.

The Bottom Line

The field of game design as a professional career continues to grow in popularity, which naturally will increase the amount of resumes that employers receive for potential job openings. As an international student, your resume will will likely already be more impressive than a large majority of your competition, but it’s important to keep in mind that employers are looking for candidates with experience too. For college students trying to break into the computer science field, an internship can be just the edge you need to show employers that you’re motivated, take direction well, and are willing to go that extra mile.

Best of all It’s not uncommon for summer design internships to turn into full-time employment after graduation, so remember to put your best foot forward, be attentive, and we wish you the best of luck with your game design internship!

Written by Sutherland Beever

Sutherland joined the team in early 2014 after receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations from the University of North Florida. She has had the opportunity to travel extensively throughout Europe, which instilled an unwavering passion of international travel. This, combined with her strong interest in Marketing, led her to join the Envisage team.

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