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Topic of the Week – Calling Cards

Posted on August 18th, 2005 by admin

I have been very busy this week and have not been able to blog much, so this weeks topic will be a short one, but still a very important topic for students – International Calling Cards.

As you all probably know, calling cards can be mine field and trying to indentify what card does what can be a really tough task. There are probably 3 main things you need to ask/ check out with any calling card:

1 – How is the card billed? Be careful of cards that bill anything over 1 minute as some cards bill every 3 minutes or even as much as every 5 minutes. If you had card like this and only called for 30 seconds you would be billed for a full 3 or 5 minutes.
2 – Does the card expire? Some cards have expirations, so that 3 months after you first used it the card becomes dead
3 – Are there any hidden charges? This is the main area you will need to look out for. Cards will hide charges such as a monthly or weekly fee, a maintenance fee, a fee per call and the list goes on. Make sure you are aware of all the charges that are on your account.

So, these are the main questions that you will need to ask, but in my next blogging session I will talk about some advanced features that you might want in your calling card. Today, cards can do much more than just provide cheap calls!


11 Responses to “Topic of the Week – Calling Cards”

  1. PizzaMan Says:

    Dear Guru,
    We are a host family in Venice, California. We have 8 students living here at our house. We have a 9 bedroom house. Students come to us via housing agencies. I wanted to ask you if you know of another way to make ourselves known to Global Students and they may contact us directly. Please advise…
    the Parker family

  2. PizzaMan Says:

    Please contact me or email me if you have any advice on how to contact students that need a place to stay near Santa Monica College or UCLA….

  3. InternationalStudentGuru Says:

    Thanks for your comments. Really, the best place to advertise are places where students will go to? I mean for example, our site offers free homestay listings at:

    and many other sites do the same thing.

    Also – check out your local schools, they will most likely have international students that are looking for places to stay?


  4. techno Says:

    I would suggest u to try Reliance IndiaCall. Very clean service with no hidden costs. The service is available in USA, Canada and UK

  5. Bypeatope Says:

    Using internet is simple as hell. But I can tell y ou right now, it can be very hard, if you are the first time user.
    So, first thing I suggest – open the Explorer, and type in the address you like.
    You’ll get there really fast, it depends on your connection speed.
    Good luck.

  6. JonyLelmel Says:

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    Alongside some ususal information about travel exhibitions and so on there is a plenty of very useful travel and tourism news such as destination news, top 10 ranks in the travel industry? Dos and taboos for travellers and much more.

    Just brows the above sites to be sure the information is good for you. In addition to the useful info you can get know how much money tour operators earn from package tours. In some cases it is even fifty percents!!! Just imaging!

    So just go ahead and find your right destination and secure your trip directly!

  7. HovardKles Says:

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  11. storm shelters Says:

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