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Why Should You Learn Another Language?

Posted on July 7th, 2017 by Connor Smith

The 21st century is truly unlike any other in our world’s history. We are living in a globalized world where countries, cultures, economies and people are more connected than ever before. With the use of the internet, cheaper travel options, and access to new digital media, the world keeps shrinking while it’s growing!

How can you connect yourself to this new globalized world? By learning another language! The ultimate form of communication is through the spoken and written word.

Why should you learn another language? Learning another language has strong benefits that will help you to excel in your personal and professional life!

Here are seven key benefits of learning a foreign language:

1) Traveling and Networking

When studying abroad it’s useful to know the language of the country you are going to study in. Even if you are just taking a trip, knowing another language could be the key to having some of the best travel experiences of your life. Your odds go up of having a common language to speak when traveling or networking if you know more than one language. This could pave a pathway to lifelong friendships with people across the globe!

2) Marketability

Knowing a second language will never be a negative when applying for jobs. Many jobs today prefer someone who is bilingual so that they can have a wider reach when communicating with clients and customers on a daily basis. You’ll have a leg up in the workplace and more options for employment in companies all over the world!

Having another language on your resume is a great way to set yourself apart from other candidates and create a conversation starter. Knowing another language is a distinguishable skill that can bump you to the top of the list when employers are selecting candidates with comparable skills to interview.

3) You’ll Gain Intelligence

Learning a second language improves your brain power. A foreign language means that your brain will have to rewire itself to a certain degree. This will change the way you think to develop skills such as problem solving and cognitive thinking.  Students gain a new perspective that makes them better at dealing with the world around them by knowing another language.

4) Make Better Decisions

Bilinguals tend to have a more rational thought process to make sound, more logical decisions. Because you are able to switch back and forth between two languages without a break in your thought process, this makes your decision making process flow faster to come to a well thought conclusion sooner.

5) Improve Your Memory

Studying another language requires you to memorize new vocabulary and rules for that language. Bilingual people are at an advantage when it comes to remembering lists or sentences. Studies have shown that bilinguals are better at remembering names and directions.

6) Attention

Regardless of your age, studies show that learning a second language will increase your mental alertness. This comes from deciding which language to use at any given moment and creates an ability called executive function. Bilinguals are more likely to pay attention without being distracted and switch between tasks more easily.

7) Fight off Alzheimer’s and Dementia

As we grow older our minds start to get weaker. While there is no defense against time you can keep your mind in shape by learning another language or two at a younger age. Studies have shown that people who know more than one language are more likely to develop dementia at a later age or not all versus people who only know one language.

Now that you know the reasons why you should study another language, which should you study? Here are the top 5 languages spoken around the world!

Written by Connor Smith

Connor joined the Marketing and Advertising team in late 2016 as our Marketing Intern. He is originally from Jupiter, Florida and a recent graduate of the University of North Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Communication and Advertising. He has also had the opportunity to travel throughout Europe, China, Australia and New Zealand which prompted him to get involved with marketing here at Envisage.

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