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Doing an Internship Abroad

Posted on March 17th, 2012 by Apinant Hoontrakul

Studying abroad is becoming more popular with each passing year. More and more students are realizing that not only living and studying abroad has its advantages, but international work experience can be a great way to stand out from the crowd when it comes to job prospects after graduation. Students are now combining their international studies with an internship abroad to further distinguish themselves from other candidates.

Whether you are interested in working internationally or in your home country after graduation, an international internship has many advantages. At a minimum, an internship abroad shows your future employer that you have worked in an office environment and gained meaningful experience applicable to your everyday work.

Not only does this experience show your ambition, but it also gives you the chance to explore what you like and dislike about a work environment. Do you enjoy working for a small company or large corporation? Do you like to work with people daily, or do you prefer working behind a computer? These are questions that you will begin to answer during your internship.

Furthermore, an international internship enhances your overall experience of living in another country and understanding the culture. Working abroad will also give you a glimpse of what it is like to work with people from different backgrounds who may also speak different languages. Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to meet other students, but an internship allows you to broaden your network of contacts which may later become valuable in your future career.

The many advantages and opportunities to an internship abroad doesn’t end here, so make the most of your study abroad with an internship! There are many organizations worldwide that can help you find a position in your industry and some schools will also help with your placement. International also helps students interested in a work & study in the USA and is a good place to begin the search.

13 Responses to “Doing an Internship Abroad”

  1. Bones Says:

    I was wondering if you could give me any information about the high schools in other countries. I am working on a disseratation for technology and would like to know if other countries are technological up to par or not.


  2. Mintchocolate Says:

    Bones : What sort of information are you looking for? Please provide specifics.

  3. Williams Says:

    It was good you added this blog to the site. It is resourceful. Thanks

  4. Nirere Says:

    I would like to know information a but hight school

  5. sugira deo cedrick Says:

    hello i would like to know the colleges or university which doesn’t requires TOEFL exams in order to get their admission

  6. Alejandra Acosta Says:

    Hi, I will like to exchange some comments about your perceptions of studying abroad. Do you think students should be prepared to move to another country?? and if so what kind of preparation should they receive??
    I make this question because I am a Professor currently studying my doctoral degree and I would like to know if you consider important studying a second language ( which), world culture, socialization, communication patterns, emotional intelligence. About people from other nationalities coming into the USA what should they know to get the best experience possible.

    Thank you, please make any comments or questions.

    M.ED.Alejandra Acosta

  7. phlebotomy programs Says:

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    […]Doing an Internship Abroad « The International Student Blog[…]…

  8. Alejandra Acosta Says:

    Do you think schools can prepare students for this opportunities of studying and/or working abroad? And how??

  9. Roumen Says:

    Hi Alejandra, I think that the school can prepare the students for studying abroad by intense courses of foreight languages. But, working is a different problem because there are many social and cultural factors that matter when you work abroad.

  10. Alejandra Acosta Says:

    Hi Roumen, Where are you from?? About your post, Why do you think it is different studying than working abroad. Aren’t both students and professional ( both) inmmerse in the culture of another country once they are living there. How do you think higher education can prepare people for this foreign opportunities? Or do you think that is not something a school should worry about?

    THank you for answering me.

  11. Juana Says:

    I agree to the fact that studying and working abroad is very important nowadays, although I would like to point out how difficult it is for students of some developing countries to have access to such opportunities. In Honduras, it is very few students have the means to travel to other countries wether it is for travel, study or work. Our universities and government have failed to promote internships both in and out of the country. As always, very few people are able to navigate high waters…

  12. Araceli Gonzalez Says:

    HI alejandra,
    I really think that the students in my country have a lot of opportunities,the problem is that the most just go to USA or Spain because of the language, only a few and smart try other languages, like German or French,but anyway I live in Germany and near from the University campus ,there are a lot of students from different parts of the world,and more mexicans are coming to study here, they can also get a job as a Practice for the future career, one ex-student from 4th Grade elementary School was here for 2 years, and I was so glad that que learned so much, he could learn not only the language but, the culture,and now that he is back in Mexico he got a good job, he can speak fluetly English,German,French, and he got more opportunities to study a master,so I reallly believe on studying abroad, brings so so many opportunities that maybe you can not find when you just stay at home,and definetly you are inmmerse in the culture and the language.

  13. Benefits of International Internships « Global Apprenticeship Says:

    […] […]

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