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Swedish Universities to Charge Non-EU Students

Posted on March 7th, 2011 by Jennifer Frankel

As we reported here back in 2008, Sweden has been looking to make changes to their higher education system for some time now that would see international students being charged to study at Swedish Universities. It has taken some time, but the effective September 2011, all international students (from outside of the EU) will be charged a fee to study. Traditionally Sweden has been free for international students, and for that reason it has attracted a lot of students from around the world.

The new fee structure that will come into place will see students being charged around 125,000 SEK, which equates to around $19,500 USD, a year. This is a huge shake up for the higher education system in Sweden and is part of wider public spending cuts by the government.

According to the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education, half of the 36,600 international students enrolled at Swedish universities in 2008-09 were from outside Europe. Initial data also shows that the new fee structure is already changing students behavior with applications down over 86% compared to 2010 for students from non-EU countries.
Git Claesson Pipping, general secretary of the Swedish Association of University Teachers, said: “What we expect is that the number of courses given to master’s students at that level will decrease. We have too few home students who study scientific and technical courses.”

To read the full article, please see the Time Higher Education.

Are you an international student who is not considering Sweden now due to these fee increases? Let us know in the comments below!

13 Responses to “Swedish Universities to Charge Non-EU Students”

  1. nelly chimwemwe Says:

    the free MBA opportunities offered some of the poorest people of africa get a decent education and improve their lives and their families as well since africans believe in extended families. i was hoping that i could get that opportunity after finishing my first degree in financial services with the IFS UK, which i was doing by correspondence and i was reaaly looking forward to finding a free scholarship in sweden.i am hoping that you can steel give free scholarships to benefit poor people like us who have the potential to change our lives through such opportunities. consider my plea because iam one of the people who need such an opportunity.

  2. kahusu jersey Says:

    je viens par la présente,solliciter au près de votre majestueuse personnalité,une demande de bourses d’études pour ce merveilleux pays qu’est la suede dont le taux scolaire croit du jour au lendemain.
    une fois sur le consultât se trouvant dans mon pays,cette adresse m’a été parvenue.
    je suis intéressé par l’idée que vous disposez des bourses d’études aux différents étudiants de partout.
    eu égard aux conditions financières auxquelles mes parents se présentent,je ne saurai poursuivre avec toute tranquillité mes études universitaires
    ce pendant,chère madame ou monsieur permettez-moi pour le langage,je sollicite au près de votre haute personnalité,une demande de bourses d’études pour bien suivre mon action éducative.
    espérant obtenir de vous une suite favorable,que le bon Dieu vous protège à tout jamais.
    Dear kahusu nilda jersey

  3. Uchenna Ezeogu Says:

    I think that what the Swedish government has been doing over the year by giving free education to international students especially those from developing countries of Africa is good. It a worthy service to humanity,i plead that Sweden should continue with their kind gesture.

  4. kings father Says:

    if sweden is charging 19,500 euro a year for international students then ,they are making their universities unactractive.they should check about fees in us,canada,australia,uk which is even cheaper than theirs. . this is simply to avoid non EU students coming into sweden because i dont think this a good idea.
    kings father,ghana

  5. owoahene baako Says:

    i think sweden doesnt want to be like the united kingdom whose interest is just making money out of international students regardless of third world ,first world, or students have a lot to offer interms of cultural aspects,and they can also sell the good name of the university in their home country on their i think sweden has to go back about the fees for the first time and i humbly suggest 5000 euro a year would be affordable.

  6. Berhan Says:

    I am really appreciate what Sweden government has been doing evey year by supporting students who have financial problem by giving free education , paticularly for africa students & women.

  7. awais ali shams Says:

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  8. Jackson Mfikwa Says:

    I think what sweden is going to do is to make Poor people remain poor! it is not fair to charge 19500 USD to poor people like us,because in our countries(most of African countries charge a fee of 1000-2000 USD but still people fail to afford that fee!that is why most of us we still need your help!please help us!


    i want to get admision in MBA i did my BBA HON +PGD+DBA

  10. Mariam Says:

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