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British Council warns UK Universities

Posted on March 29th, 2010 by Jennifer Frankel

The British Council has warned UK Universities not to treat foreign or international students as “cash cows” as recruitment drives pick up by schools in the UK to attract more students from abroad. The stark warning comes as declining budgets mean that Universities are looking at other avenues with which increase their cash flow. International Students are one way that most Universities are looking to increase their revenues and plug the gap from falling budgets – as most can and will charge international students full tuition fees.

The British Council fears that the new attention to aggressively recruit foreign students will undermine the reputation of higher education learning in the UK. British Council chief executive Martin Davidson said: “It would be seriously counter-productive and, in the long run, potentially self-defeating, for universities to focus on intensifying student recruitment drives as a knee-jerk reaction to current financial difficulties and state funding cuts.

“International students have more study options today than ever before, and in an internet-connected world word quickly spreads when it appears a university regards them as little more than ‘cash cows’.

For more information about this article please see the BBC News source, or visit the British Council website for more information. Please also let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

10 Responses to “British Council warns UK Universities”

  1. Mwasi Says:

    It’s surprising that the British council has just realized that indeed International students are just cash cows. IT’s not just going to start but it’s already happening. Universities are modelling their courses to fit international students and they do not care about the quality but quantity. I’ve read one of the Scottish University’s strategic review and they are planning to stage a huge recruitment drive in Asia, Middle east and Africa to attract International students and therefore charging the exorbitant International fees. Quality never matters these days! Its about quantity and the Academic professors have no say on university matters.

    It’s simply disgusting….

  2. monicah Says:

    you are doing a fine job. Keep it up

  3. James Mcnaulty Says:

    A very admirable stance by the British council !
    However the implementation of the strategy is not too clear. For example how would the suggested actions namely
    * creating opportunities for joint course delivery,
    * developing branch campuses overseas and

    Solve this issue ? In my opinion this just shifts the problem overseas.
    I hope the implementation of this policy will have a positive impact on students as well as the British Universities.

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  7. chinnu Says:

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  8. Jim Richardson Says:

    There are a lot of international students enrolling on online MBA programs based in UK. Technology is providing them no limit to continue recruiting more students. If the British Council wouldn’t keep an eye on this, then I think UK institutions would still continue what they’re doing. As what Mwasi said, their not anymore concerned with the quality, but only the quantity. I think the authority should make some effective measures to prevent the institutions from being to aggressive with recruiting international students. I’m glad I came across your article by the way, you did a great job. It’s very interesting.

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  10. marocup Says:

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