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Interact – Get Active!

Posted on March 30th, 2007 by admin

We want you to get more active with!

What does this mean? Well this means we want you to participate more in our site and in what we do, and the reason we want you to do this is because we can all learn from each other. If we all share our experiences with each other about how you found a school abroad, how you funded your studies, problems you are having, etc… we can all learn about how things are done and make things easier for all!

So how can you participate – a few ways are:

1 – Comment on our blogs
We now have a number of blogs across our sites covering a huge range of international student topics such as:
Study in the USA Blog
Study Abroad Blog
International Financial Aid Blog
International Calling Card Blog
International Student Insurance Blog
and of course this blog!

We like using blogs because they provide fresh content on a number of topics, plus it allows you to comment on them. So if you see something that you like, post a comment. If you see something you don’t like or don’t agree with, post a comment. Or if you can add something to the post such as more information or your own experience then post a comment!

Its easy to do and will help us all!

Plus – if you feel you would like to be a blog writer for our site – let us know!

2 – Be an active forum member
Our international student forums are a fantastic resource for all students. They cover a huge range of topics and there are some really good post about financial aid, immigration, studying in the USA, and just general talk! We also have two experts moderating posts called our “Ask an International Advisor” section and “Study in Canada” section where we have a real international student advisors answering post.

Create a free account and start posting!

3 – Join our Facebook Group
Facebook is rapidly becoming one of the best tools around for making new friends and keeping in touch with them. We have a Facebook group setup especially for international students which you can join for free at:

and if you need more information about facebook check this post out

4 – Do it!
Hopefully this has provided you with some incentive to get more active – the more active you are the more information we can pass around and help each other out!

4 Responses to “Interact – Get Active!”

  1. maseruka anthony Says:

    i really apprecitate what u guyz do but then how can u help me as a ugandan to be able to find scuolarships abroad?

  2. InternationalStudentGuru Says:

    Thanks for your comment! Take a look at this – it should give you a good starting point…

    How to find scholarships

  3. Domenic Nemard Says:

    Firstly please allow me to apologise for being off topic, but I have a problem I hope you can help me with. I am preparing a Chinese language course, with the view of teaching people Mandarin and the Romanisation of the Mandarin language, Pinyin. The problem I have is that I would really like to give the people studying a real feel for the Chinese culture but without taking up too much of their time. Would you have any suggestions how this may be achieved? I’d like to thank you in advance for any light you may be able to shed on this.

  4. english language school in melbourne Says:

    Be Conscious of Your Language Choices: Avoid slang, because it is culturally-specific and therefore not shared across different cultures around the world. Therefore, what you think is a casual term might cause someone from another culture great confusion or even embarrassment. An additional factor here is that online international students generally learn formal English and are not familiar with more casual terminology.

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