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Life at Brenau University as an International Student

Posted on July 5th, 2022 by Bryanna Davis

If you’re looking for a school that offers a complete college experience, look no further than Brenau University. Located in Gainesville, GA, Brenau has been providing students with an excellent education since 1878. With more than 60 undergraduate and graduate programs to choose from, there is something for everyone at Brenau.

And don’t forget about the extracurriculars! At Brenau, you can join one of more than 60 student organizations, including everything from academic clubs to intramural sports. There is also a thriving Greek life on campus, with more than 20 sororities and fraternities to choose from.

When you’re not in class or participating in extracurricular activities, you can enjoy all that Gainesville has to offer. Located just an hour northeast of Atlanta, Gainesville is a great place to call home during your time at Brenau. With a variety of restaurants, shops, and entertainment options, you’ll never find yourself bored in this vibrant city.

What is it like to be an international student at Brenau University?

Brenau welcomes students from all over the world and does everything it can to make sure they feel at home.

The school offers a variety of services specifically for international students, including an International Student Orientation and an International Student Lounge.

Additionally, the school has an English as a Second Language (ESL) program to help students who are working on their English language skills.

If you’re looking for a school that offers the complete college experience, Brenau University is the place for you! With its excellent academic programs, thriving student life, and welcoming community, Brenau is sure to make your time in college unforgettable.

The campus life of Brenau University

Now when it comes to campus life, Brenau University is pretty great!

You will be able to find diversity as well as a lot of school spirit. There are a variety of clubs and organizations to get involved in, and there are always things happening on campus.

If you get bored in your residence hall room, you can always take a walk around campus and explore, or go into town and grab some food with friends.

And since Brenau University is located in Gainesville, Georgia, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to experience southern hospitality!

Life in Georgia as an international student

If you’re coming to Brenau University from another country, you might be wondering what life in Georgia is like. First of all, you’ll be happy to know that the weather is pretty great in Georgia! The winters are mild and the summers are warm, so you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors all year round.

When it comes to the food, you’ll be able to find all your favorite international cuisine in Gainesville. And if you’re ever feeling homesick, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to find someone from your home country on campus.

One of the best things about being an international student at Brenau University is that you’ll have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. You’ll get to experience a new culture and learn more about yourself in the process.

Explore Brenau University

Brenau University is a great choice for students who are looking for a complete college experience. With its excellent academic programs, thriving student life, and welcoming community, Brenau is sure to make your time in college unforgettable.

If you’re an international student, you’ll find everything you need to feel at home in Georgia. So if you’re looking for an adventure, Brenau University is the perfect place for you!

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