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Student Visas in the United Kingdom – get tougher

Posted on July 11th, 2012 by Annemarie Keller

The UK has announced on July 2nd, 2012, that some international students applying for visas to study in the United Kingdom could now have “face-to-face interviews” included as part of the visa process.  Under the new ruling, “high-risk applicants” for student visas in the UK could be interviewed and asked a series of questions regarding, education, immigration, financial circumstances and their post-study plans.

The United Kingdom issues about 300,000 student visas each year and they are expecting to interview up to 14,000 in the next 12 months. Home Secretary Theresa May has said that in the past student visas were being abused and that many students were there to work instead of study. She’s announced plans to decrease the number of student visas in the United Kingdom by 80,000.

In addition to face-to-face interviews, the UK will also include a requirement that students have the ability to speak English and will limit the number of years that students can spend in the UK after their studies.

Language colleges and providers pre-university course work have expressed concerns over damage to their businesses if the new rules make it too difficult for students to enter the UK. They have been told that “pathway courses into universities will be protected, if the universities act as sponsors to students.

Click Here to read more on the article from the BBC regarding the announcement on July 2nd, 2012.


8 Responses to “Student Visas in the United Kingdom – get tougher”

  1. Faridoon Momand Says:

    I want to study in UK because the education of UK is so high in world i applyed before but my cas was refused i want to study in UK

  2. Faridoon Momand Says:

    I over the world want to study in UK because the study of UK is so high and it is high all

  3. Lapiu Kalai Says:

    Please advise if I can apply for a scholarship to study in England.

  4. sanaullah Says:

    kya p mujhe job de sakte ha ok by

  5. Desmond Agyemang Duah Says:

    can i acquire a visa to pursue my second degree programme after 2013,august?

  6. Matthew Says:

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  7. Jariatou B.A Conteh Says:

    Hi well I want to study in the UK I search and during the process I learned that UK education system is very high and I really want to complete my studies.

  8. Connor Blay Says:

    Hi Jariatou! The first step you’re going to want to take is finding a school. You can search for schools using our UK School Search tool.

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