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Studying Abroad for the Summer

Posted on June 13th, 2012 by Annemarie Keller

Have you considered studying abroad for the summer? Many students find that studying abroad is a life enriching opportunity with endless benefits. Studying abroad for the summer allows students to partake in the best of both worlds: gaining cultural experiences and personal growth abroad but still have an “on-campus life.” In most cases, students have the opportunity to earn college credit while gaining a global perspective on life. It allows them to also add prestigious colleges and universities to their transcripts and resumes, opening the door to many international job opportunities. So how do you choose the right study abroad program for you? Here are a few key things to consider when choosing a summer program:

Summer Programs – your college or university will more than likely offer programs, this is a great starting point to see what’s available to you for the summer. There are also many great study abroad programs organized by private companies for you look into.

Destination – you will need to determine where you’d like to go for the summer. It’s important to find the location and the study abroad program that matches your interests.

Experience – you should consider what you’re trying to gain from the experience and how you can accomplish that. Some students are looking for a more challenging cultural experience while others may seek a more rigorous academic schedule.

You can read more tips at our Study Abroad Guide.

Studying abroad for the summer is a perfect way for students to balance their desire for international personal growth, while making the most of their campus life. This is why studying abroad for the summer is a popular choice for many students around the world.

5 Responses to “Studying Abroad for the Summer”

  1. Temidayo ogunjinmi Says:

    I wish to study Abroad

  2. Udoeyop, Abasienyene Says:

    I wish to study abroad

  3. Titus Says:

    Experienced Freelance researcher, email me on (

  4. Sharon Pope Says:

    I am going to China on an educational tour through Walden University July 28 -August 6th. As a business professor at a university in Ohio, I feel this trip is a once in a lifetime opportunity to view the cultural differences between the two nations, and, of course, the similarities. I want to bring a little bit of the culture and views of the Chinese and inform my students of the Chinese culture. Also, I am a doctoral student at Walden University in education and feel that is a great opportunity to view how the Chinese schools operate and share this with my peer students.
    In preparing for this trip, I have read much on the history of China and the vast changes the country has gone through. In my current doctoral course, I have viewed videos on the Chinese school system and have heard interviews from one professor and one student on the differences between the American school system and the Chinese school system. I found out that during the Cultural Revolution, a generation of Chinese people did not get educated because the schools and university were closed. If I were Chinese, I would have been in that generation.
    Also in preparation for this trip, I have been attempting to study Mandarin. I can recognize words on paper, but I cannot speak Mandarin properly. In my 3 ½ weeks left to the trip, what should I concentrate on in the language so I can better communicate with the Chinese people?
    Is there any advice or suggestions from fellow readers on the China expedition?

  5. GS Says:

    Studying abroad is a great opportunity for students to enhance and share their knowledge globally. Students can explore differences and similarities in culture. Having been abroad myself a number of times and graduated high school abroad, I cannot begin to explain the experience and the knowledge I gained through interacting and integrating with the different cultures abroad. Great experience!


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