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Libyan Student J1 Visa Regulations Relaxed

Posted on June 20th, 2011 by InternationalStudentGuru

The US State Department has just relaxed the regulations for Libyan J1 students who are currently studying in the USA at college or university – and is permitting them to work full or part time, on or off campus. The temporary measure came into effect on June 10th and will run until the end of the year to December 31st 2011.

The growing unrest in Libyan over the past few months has mean that many Libyan students, who rely on money from their home country, have been left stranded. Funds have dried up for many students, as family and friends are no longer able to send money overseas, so this new temporary regulation is designed to assist students until things settle down in the home country.

Any students who are affected by this should contact their international student office immediately for more information and to arrange full or part time employment. Students will also be allowed to reduce their course load to compensate the extra work without falling out of status. Please note, however, this temporary measure does not apply to Federal Work Study programs, only those students studying.

For more information, please contact your international student office, or see the official Federal Registry for more info.

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  1. CC Says:

    I think it was very compassionate for the U.S. to assist Libyan students during their time of need. Is anyone on this blog site from there?

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