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Accredited Universities in the United States

Posted on June 21st, 2011 by Jenny Frankel

International students who have done their homework, and have made the decision to study in America, usually make plans to study at an accredited university in the United States. To study at an accredited university in the United States most commonly implies that the college or university in question is (1) a degree-granting university and (2) it has been reviewed and approved for academic quality assurance by a U.S. government approved agency (and that it meets United States higher education standards as set out by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation).

For international students that plan to study in America, the Council of Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) is an excellent resource to ensure the colleges and universities you look into meet the standards of academic quality and recognition you are seeking, as well as to ensure they will help meet both your long and short term academic and career goals. The decision to study at an accredited university in the United States guarantees international students that study in America can transfer with ease among the greatest number of reputable institutions of higher learning, while avoiding unintended application submissions to colleges and universities that may not be accredited through these desired channels. However, it is worth noting a number of technical colleges and specialty schools might not have these formal accreditations yet are worthwhile career paths for some individuals, depending on their unique situations.

So how does the CHEA accreditation system work? Let’s say, for example, you are an international student who has made the decision to study in Alabama at an accredited university. You begin looking into the many exciting and unique academic programs offered at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. You decide you are interested in pursuing an undergraduate major in the health sciences, but want to make sure you can transfer to a prestigious American university in the north to complete your PhD in medicine. You can check University of Alabama at Birmingham to ensure they are accredited by CHEA and clicking on the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS, the CHEA-related institution reviewing and granting accreditation to schools in the southern region of the United States) where you will find contact information and can email this institution to ensure that whenever you decide to study abroad in Alabama at an accredited university, they are indeed accredited by CHEA (especially if you have difficulty finding out or confirming accreditation information about the university using other online resources). There are seven regionally sanctioned accreditation bodies regulated by CHEA, with jurisdiction over colleges and universities within the U.S. States in their region. To see which accreditation body sanctions colleges and universities in your state of interest, visit

Written by Jenny Frankel

Jennifer is the Director of Financial Services at Envisage International. Jennifer is a graduate of the University of Florida where she holds a Masters in International Business and a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration. She has lived and worked abroad in Chile, Costa Rica and London, and traveled extensively in South America, Europe and Asia.

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15 Responses to “Accredited Universities in the United States”

  1. akubueziuka henry Says:

    Above all that i have read i wish be a student to attained these noble institution and also know more about the school.

  2. Alena Says:

    I am currently a russian high school exchange student. Speak 4 Languages and have a huge dream of going to Michigan State University in East Lansing Michigan. My family can not afford to pay for it. I need scholorships and loans. Can you help me? I am here on a Visa until July then I will return to Russia. I am hoping to go to college in the USA.

  3. Kip Rotich Hoseah Says:

    Tís beta bt sm pages can b edited

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  6. Ann Says:

    I find this information very useful and it has considerably saved my time.thanks for sharing.

  7. joni Says:

    Is midtown university an accredited university in the USA? Recently, I received a call from an institution which claims to be midtown university. That’s why i’ve taken the pain to do this enquiries.

    Hope to hear from you as soon as possible.

    Thank you.


  8. chidi theodore ohanwe Says:

    i am a nigerian living in BRAZIL and wish to further my education at michigan state university,but for the fact that i ran out of nigeria because of the religious problems in my country,but wish to study and hereby wish to apply for scholarship in your institution so as to enable me further my education.instead of being i wish my application will be highly considered.Thanks in advance.

  9. leperes frederick Says:

    please let me know if woodfield university is acredited?

  10. Bryanna Lindblom Says:

    Hi Leperes,

    Thank you for your interest! To find out if your school is accredited, you are able to check out the Council for Higher Education Accreditation site.

    Good luck finding the information you need!



  12. sandisile Says:

    I would like to study for bcom accounting at any university in the states which university will I find?

  13. Bryanna Lindblom Says:

    Hi Sandisile,

    Unfortunately we are unable to find a school for you, however, we have multiple resources to assist you. For more information on schools inside the US, you can visit the US college and university search.

    Good luck!

  14. Fai fred Says:

    I will like to be updated by mail the list of accredated universities in america. Thanks

  15. Bryanna Lindblom Says:

    Hi Fai,

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    For the most up to date list, you can visit the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

    Good luck finding a school!

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