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Low Cost International Calls in the UK

Posted on June 16th, 2010 by Jennifer Frankel

For students who are going to study/ travel or live in the UK, making sure you have access to an international calling solution from the UK will save you a lot of money! No expensive roaming charges, and quick/ easy access to call your family and friends whenever you want to.

Thanks to our iCallAbroad UK service, you can place international calls from either a landline or mobile phone from as little as 1p per minute. What is even better is that this service is not like other calling solutions where you typically need to setup an account, give all your personal information,etc….

The calling service is easy as picking up the phone and dialing an access number from your landline, or topping up for your mobile phone with credit by sending a short SMS.

To obtain more information, you first need to select where you are calling from – will you be calling from a landline or mobile phone?

cheap calls from a landline

a Landline?

cheap calls from a mobile

a Mobile Phone?

3 Responses to “Low Cost International Calls in the UK”

  1. mobile international calls Says:

    This is a very good service for making both business related and other long distance calls.


    Great post.It’s wonderful that you can write so smartly. In my opinion, writing with this topic hasn’t exactly been the greatest.

  3. marocup Says:

    merci bouceaup..

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