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Video Contest Closed – Submit your Votes!

Posted on November 6th, 2009 by InternationalStudentGuru

The 2009 International Student Travel Video Contest has now closed! This year we received more entries than ever before and some fantastic entries which we are sure will make you laugh. Check out Gorilla Dream, Milkland, Hello 2 Ciao, The Study Abroad Show and so many more fantastic entries – you have literally hours of videos you can watch!

We also want your help – what videos do you like the most? Submit your votes to and tell us your top 5 videos and why you choose them!

We would also like to thank everyone who entered this year, we have literally been amazed by the quality of some of your work and our judging panel has a lot of hard work ahead to choose our winner! The winners will be announced during International Education Week so keep checking back during the 16th to 20th November for the lucky top 3 and our winner!

23 Responses to “Video Contest Closed – Submit your Votes!”

  1. naila Says:

    good luck:)

  2. ayus Says:


  3. Anggy Says:

    The Art of Photography

  4. Ikha Says:

    likes The Art of Photography^^

  5. |3 4 Says:

    this is intense, thanks for the opportunity!

  6. maya Says:

    The Art of Photography by Taufik Achmad! Indonesia has a good creator !!

  7. Elmira Says:

    I like “The Art of Photography” from Indonesia!

  8. Salma Says:

    Everybody have to choose “The Art of Photography”. Very good!

  9. Oce Says:

    well..I think the best video is “The Art of Photography”

  10. |3 4 Says:

    I might as well drop a line for “Thoughts on US” by Bron Hantzis 🙂

  11. Echal Says:

    The Art of Photography. I like that !

  12. Mia Says:

    Me too ! The Art of Photography !!

  13. Fani Says:

    The Art of Photography !Like that very much 🙂

  14. Mommy Says:

    The Art of Photography…good one!

  15. Edward Alexander Says:

    Nice, thoughtful, wholesome video! EA

  16. Sam Says:

    I would say I feel, I dance. Not everyone knows how it feels wanting something against the norms of one’s society!

  17. Addy Says:

    Yeah, the art of photography didn’t make it to the finalists. Among the finalists, “I feel I dance” seems pretty passionate and inspiring.

  18. angela Says:

    The Study Abroad Show was hilarious! And though I would say how the other videos are totally inspiring, creativity is the most beautiful form of inspiration!

  19. kyle Says:

    I like “Thoughts on US, very passionate

  20. speedthingsup Says:

    So, winners will be announced Nov.16 – 20th? Nice. In case no one has noticed, TODAY IS THE 20th.

  21. Linette Palso Says:

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  22. Eve Harden Says:

    I love this place

  23. Brian Prohaska Says:

    been visiting your site around a few days. really enjoy what you posted. btw i will be conducting a study about this area. do you know other good blogs or forums that I might find out more? thanks a ton.

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