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Changes to Australian Student Visas

Posted on April 16th, 2008 by Jennifer Frankel

New regulations are being introduced that will allow all students who are issued with visas on, or after the 26th April 2008 to automatically have work authorization. In the past all student visas that were issued to students studying in Australia did not have any form of work authorization, and students needed to separately apply for this – however now all student visas will include work authorization.

The actual working rights will not change for students, so students will still be able to work a maximum of 20 hours per week whilst in school, and unlimited hours during scheduled school breaks. However, the new process will greatly simplify the process for many international students.

The cost of the visa application has also changed, whereas previously the cost of the visa was $430 AUD and $60 AUD for the work authorization, this has now been change to one fee of $450 AUD

For more information about the changes, please see the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website

If you would also like to learn more about Studying in Australia, please see the Australia section of for information about courses, preparing for Australia and much more.

8 Responses to “Changes to Australian Student Visas”

  1. kpatelseo Says:

    I am going to apply for next term, i had old fees details, Thanks for updating me.

  2. yanglin Says:

    This is a good news for the students who are not from very rich famly and wants to be more independant. Thanks

  3. lazy student Says:

    Thanks for updating

  4. Терентий Says:

    Очень покорила ваша статьишка, в ней утаено очень невпроворот затронуто с нашей человеческой жизни и это даже хорошо! Есть над чем покумекать

  5. rattan Says:

    hi sir
    this is rattan from india , and i want to know what is the recent changes in student visa , and now students cant work in australia, if not that way so how students can be survive and how they will earn while learning there.
    thanx sir

  6. margaret Says:

    Beware of being exploited in terms of assessment of your level of English as a second language. Many students come to Australia believing they have achieved a sufficent level of understanding, only to face the humiliation of failure. Teachers, government no less than private, will not spend time with you for extra support and often do not posess a sufficent level of subject knowledge themselves, let alone have to explain topics in great depth. I worked for many years in a large, widely recognised hospitality and tourism school in Melbourne. I have heard of teachers who lie about their qualifications to get a job and even after they are discovered, continue to teach. If you stand your ground, attend all classes and persist, you may still gain a qualifications if only to stop you complaining. The integrity of your qualification should always be checked by speaking to someone in your own country who’s actually been able to secure a job in the industry. Don’t be fooled by false promises, you and your family will regret it and it will be a waste of money that could be better spent. Good luck.

  7. Harry Says:

    I am Indian and I am not a dodgy Provider

  8. Emilian Says:

    after graduation, prospects are still low unless u wil apply for those SOL. I think I change my mind about going studying there. It is way too expensive (I`m not rich), I`ve heard there are very few prospects after graduating, it is becoming unsafe, u have to study 4 tpoics, u have to travel far by unsafe and lousy trains, and u cannot get concessions on transportation !!! THe bottom line is that u study hard, u make lots of sacrifices, u pay a tuition fee which is 4fold the local fees (when in germany or farnce, u pay NO TUITION FEES AT ALL) and at the end, u are likely to get a bye bye, thanks for having spent you money here… noooooo waaaaaaaayyyyyy my man!!
    I prefer opting for another country and will do the same for my siblings and relatives too.

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