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Essay Writing Sites Banned

Posted on May 23rd, 2007 by InternationalStudentGuru

Google took the steps yesterday to implement a ban on all essay editing services, after claims that advertising such services was threatening the integrity of university degrees. The calls to ban these sites and services from Google have mainly come from Colleges and Universities who see these sites as offering students an opportunity to “cheat” their way through courses.

However there are actually 2 categories of essay service – there are those that provide fully written essays and there are those companies that provide editing services of essays written by you. It is not clear if google will ban both types of adverts, however Google is sending a clear message that from next month – no ads will be accepted for companies that sell essays or dissertations.

This does bring up a few discussion points:
1) Is there a difference between an essay writing service and an essay editing service?
2) Is Google right to ban these companies?

Personally, essay editing and essay writing are two very different things. Essay editing is taking your work and simple improving it, and I am sure at some point we have all done this – for example when you were younger and asked your parents to look over your work – effectively they are editing your work for you! An essay writing service will provide you with a fully written essay on a subject of your choice – no work on your part at all. My thought is Google will ban both of these services and will not distinguish – but I think they should!

Secondly, is Google right to ban these companies? Honestly I have not made up my mind on this. Companies that are offering essay writing services are not breaking the law, and are providing a legitimate service to their clients. However, I think its certainly a good move to limit students exposure to companies like this – a University degree should be something you work for – not pay for!

This is a hot topic at the moment – and would be interested to hear your thoughts….

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37 Responses to “Essay Writing Sites Banned”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    your network of sites have affiliate links to support these essay editing/writing companies… it is no surprise you have such a strong opinion.

  2. InternationalStudentGuru Says:

    Thanks for your input

    You will see from my post that that I do not have a strong opinion on this. I do think editing services are different – I would be interested to hear another point of view on this.

    I also have not made up my mind on whether its a good idea for Google to ban them – but as you will see from my post I lean towards it being a good idea.

    Once again thanks for your comments!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I dont think that any of the sites should be banned, because with or without them , the possibilities of clients paying to get work done will still prevail.

    Frankly, there will always be sites that may be abused by others. So why pull the plugs on ones that offer educational benifits to people who really want help? regardless of the validity of it.

    Universities and Colleges need to be proactive and cognizant of the content/ material on these sites, so they can be ahead of the ‘game’. This may discourage students….

    I think a major problem is that some lecturers, can no longer, cut and paste from some of these sites as the students are already privy to the same information.

    There are way more disturbing things on Google, that needs to banned…. probably more focus should be placed on remove them….

  4. Anonymous Says:

    A students work is THE STUDENTS work.
    After age 10 or 12 a student should be on their own!!
    At the High School and College level the expression is “one EARNS their degree”.
    That is to say that THE STUDENT did the work and EARNED his/her own degree!!!
    Anything else is fraud!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I agree that it is morally wrong for websites to Sell fully written essays to students, compromising the integrity of both their educational institute and nipping their creativity in the bud. However there are numerous websitees and services on the web that may see morally wrong in the eyes of selected people. I personally bellieve that essay editing sites can be useful to students who do not have access to adult or peer help in their communities. However educators may think otherwise.

    My final point is, if google decides not to advertise for essay selling websites and services, it will be hard for them to draw a line before other services such as test prep websites, scholarhsip search services, dating websites, which may be selling inappropriate and damaging services.

  6. faith draper Says:

    Ok, 2 points here. First I don’t think Google should ban these sites – seriously, they have enough far more serious sites to concern themselves with if you ask me.
    Second, if a student is dishonest enough to hire someone else to write their essays sites on Google or not they are going to get someone to write them.

  7. bart Says:

    First of all I think Google is completely out of line. They don’t ban sites that sell guns or sites that sell merchandise or services that destroy the environment. I want to see them ban McDonalds or Shell! Does Google value more university integrity then our invironment, safety, and well being? Apperantly yes!

    Let me also indicate that these essays serve the purpose of additional research for students. I think that universities should be buying all those essays and stocking them up in their libraries for student use. Of course universities want to monopolize the entire educational industry and have total control like they did in the Middleages.

    Let’s examine who writes all those essays. It is the Univesity employees, graduates, PhD’s, researches, and professional academic writers. Many of them make a living writing academic essays. So why take that away from them? What harm do they do? Help students who need help which they can’t get at universities?

    Google should only ban those pages if essay selling becomes an illegal activity by law. Otherwise they should never even consider such actions.

    If you need additional research material or you’re stuck at a dead end with your essay visit the Custom Essay writing website.

    Obviously there is some conflict of interest between universities and essay writing companies yet Google should not participate in this, let alone take sides. In my opinion they should remain netural in this respect and let the people decide at the end.

  8. Nick Says:

    I think the person commenting above me might be a little connected/over zealous towards essay writing companies.
    My thoughts? I believe that neither areas should be banned, and I believe that google should take a clear look at what they have done – as people will choose to use these sites whether or not a search engine bans them or not. I also believe that it is University’s and College’s responsibility to make sure students know what plagiarism actually is and enforce this. And, more importantly that the people marking essays, report and dissertations/theses (profressors and lecturers) should be more stringent. They know who the student is and what their writing style is like (whether anonymous submission or not) and if in any doubt highlight this – why can’t we have more oral explanations of theses and essays – wouldn’t that increase academic’s agreement that each student has a firm understanding of the subject they have researched/written about?

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  12. lesley Says:

    A students work is THE STUDENTS work.
    After age 10 or 12 a student should be on their own!!
    At the High School and College level the expression is “one EARNS their degree”.
    That is to say that THE STUDENT did the work and EARNED his/her own degree!!!
    Anything else is fraud!

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  14. Usha Says:

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  15. Andy Says:

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  30. Greg Says:

    Apparently I was living under a rock because I had no idea that companies were allowed to sell essays to students to pass off as their own. This is outright disgusting on a moral level. I’m not sure how a “professional” essay writer could feel good about her/himself even though they know that they are allowing students to commit academic fraud. All the comments here on this blog post are either terrible arguments, or are advertisements for these companies! How aren’t people extremely outraged over this? It shouldn’t come down to Google banning these companies…legally, they shouldn’t be allowed to exist!

  31. Academic Writing Says:

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  32. Casandra Dorton Says:

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  34. deeps Says:

    hi..!!!, i really dont feel that providing writting help to students shuld be banned as this would only be a reference guide to student and will help in enhancing their confident on any particular topic.

  35. Manasi Says:

    Unpretentious sites like are still very helpful to students. They mainly provide research back up. I found them extremely professional and helpful. A wee bit expensive, though.

  36. A+ Says:

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