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Students Aim to Block Pakistan Expulsion

Posted on August 8th, 2005 by admin

An interesting development out of Pakistan is the decision by the Pakistani President, Gen Pervez Musharraf to expel all foreign students from Islamic schools in his country. This move has been done in the wake of the London bombings when it emerged that some of the bombers that carried out the attacks had been in Pakistan at such schools, where they were aparently “learning” the Islamic religion.

Although rather extreme, this move has been welcomed by many as a step forward to stop Islamic extremists from gathering and insighting hatred and attacks on the innocent.

On the other hand, it has also closed the door to many who are genuinely wanting to learn about their religion and gain further insight into this. Foreign students in Pakistan are pledging to fight this expulsion.

2 Responses to “Students Aim to Block Pakistan Expulsion”

  1. Aalyan Shah Says:

    I think that It has now become an international thought that Islam is teaching extremism to the muslims while it is totally a wrong interpretation, n I would like to add, those who do these evil deeds are not amongst muslims coz they are killing innocent people which is always contradicted by Islam and If we go through the Islamic History specially the era of the Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH)we will find that He always opposed killings of innocent people, on the other hand It had always been the teaching to challenge those who are involved in cruel deeds, I would like to request you Please do not blame any religion, Religions are always contributing towards societies, A religion is a line of action and I am sure if each human being today becomes religious in his/her own ethnicity, the world would become a heaven of peace. (Plz just ponder it)

  2. get a online job Says:

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