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Ask Our May Advisor Your Question!

Posted on May 8th, 2014 by Bryanna Davis

questions and answers sign 454153009Every month we bring in a new international student advisor from schools through the US. These advisors are available to answer any questions that you have about becoming an international student or being an international student. This month Darren Funk from Hannibal-LaGrange University is ready to answer your questions as our May advisor!

Darren has been at Hannibal-LaGrange University since 2008 and currently helps assist international students on campus with items like answering admissions questions, issuing visa documents, academic advising and teaching an ESL class. Darren makes himself available to help students academically, socially, athletically and spiritually- he also

“loves watching the growth of a student from their first semester to the day they receive their degree.”

Hannibal LaGrange University sits on more than 100 acres of scenic hills and woods in Missouri. Located 100 miles from St. Louis in Hannibal- it’s a great location for students who enjoy the outdoors but want to have a city just a day trip away. Hannibal-LaGrange University currently has 102 international students from 27 countries around the world.

Here is just one of questions we’ve received and Darren has answered this month:

Question: I am from Bangladesh. I am done with my olevels and now I am doing SAT and Alevel, but I wanna apply for community college, heard that for community college I don’t have to do my Alevels, please will you help me with some valuable information that what I need to do now, I wanna apply this year. Thank you.

Answer: Most post-secondary (community colleges, universities, etc.) institutions will require you to obtain the equivalent of a U.S. high school diploma from your country in order to study, at minimum. If you do not need the A-level tests to receive your high school degree, then you can probably skip it. I would take the SAT, however, because most colleges and universities will require that you have taken. My recommendation is always to find out from an institution what they require, because each one may be different.

Check out what other questions Darren has answered and ask your own!

Written by Bryanna Davis

Bryanna joined EIC in 2011 after returning to the United States from teaching English in China. Her interest in international education, sparked initially by her own study abroad experience in Wales, led her to the company. Bryanna is originally from Missouri and is a graduate from the University of Central Missouri.

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