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Study for Free in Finland

Posted on February 4th, 2012 by Apinant Hoontrakul
If you are considering getting a university degree from Europe, but worry about the cost, why not consider getting your degree in Finland? Finland is one of the last remaining countries in Europe that does not charge tuition to international students, and the Finns put a high priority on education. Thus Finland offers an excellent opportunity for students from all around the world!
Finland is situated in northern Europe next to Sweden, Norway and Russia, and is part of the European Union. Their economy is strong in engineering, telecommunications and electronics. Nokia, for example, is one of the leading mobile phone companies in the world and is perhaps one of the most well know that is based in Finland. This provides a great opportunity for students to have real world exposure to a dynamic economy to compliment their regular academic life.
Education in Finland is also top notch, not only in Europe but in the world. The University of Helsinki, for example, is consistently ranked among the top universities in the world. If you choose to seek a bachelor or doctoral degree program in Finland, the higher education institution will not charge tuition fees, however some master level programs do charge tuition for non-EU/EEA students. If you are attending a program that does charge tuition, don’t despair yet! You may still be eligible for scholarships from your institution as well as from other sources such as the Fullbright for US citizens.
Not everything in life can be free. While you may be able to study for free in Finland without having to pay any tuition, you still have to consider your cost of living such as food, housing, and travel expenses. International Students may also need a Finish student residence permit to study there and as part of applying for their permit, non-EU/EEA citizens are required to show that you have enough funding to support your living expenses (typically at least 6000 euro per year or 500 euro per month) as well as a valid international student health insurance plan.

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  1. Finnfield Says:

    Thanks for your blog post. I work in a major University of Applied Sciences here in the capital area of Finland. We have several international students in Metropolia Business School studying BBA either on single or double degree. They come from Canada and the UK, West and East Africa, Bangladesh, Vietnam and China. They all really enjoy the small, friendly community we have in our BBA programmes, the variety of international lecturers and a fun student life. The only drawback for our application process is that you need to come to Finland for our selection days as we do not interview abroad – but many other University of Applied Sciences do.
    It was good to point out the financial aspect as it is difficult for foreign students to get part-time jobs here to help finance their studies. It is not impossible – but difficult – due to language of course.

  2. Dotun solomon Says:

    I love this, thanks to the team.

  3. Patience Mlambo Says:

    Thank you very much interested.can l get the contact details?

  4. Ebiwonjumi adenola Says:

    What an opportunity to the less privillege like me.please let have details and contact information on how to apply

  5. SASU SAMUEL Says:

    I will be very if i have been given such an opportunity. Could you please send me the the details of the registration for me to apply now?

  6. modou a faye Says:

    I would like to apply to study telecommunication in finland

  7. kabir abdul Says:

    Wohooo what an opportunity please could u send me the details on how to apply.thank you

  8. William Robert Washington Says:

    I am interested in studying public policy in Finland,can you please send me details on how to apply.


    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am very interested to start a Master’s program in Technology Management in Finland. Could you please email me with more details of the application.

    Thank you so much.

    Best regards,
    Francisco DELGADO

  10. Bryanna Lindblom Says:

    Thank you for your comments!

    For more information on colleges and universities around the world (including Finland), check out our International School Directory!

  11. Khan Bahadar Says:

    I am interested in Ph.D. but how can I apply someone plz guide me.

  12. Akintola Abayomi Says:

    What a way of empowering the less privilege,thanks to you guys please send me application forms. Thanks

  13. mvula kennedy Says:

    I write to apply for Study for Free in Finland” info pack . i would like to persue my studies in either Masters of Art In Development Studies or In Masters of Art in International Services or Masters in Business Sustainability with a major in Climate Change or Natural Conservation Project Management.Kindly send me both application forms for admission and scholarships you offer.

  14. Victor Ladu Dario Says:

    I would be happier if your esteem Government may enroll me to study for free in one of your Universities.



  16. fofie mireille tazehnkeang Says:

    am a cameroonian reading geography in the yaounde 1 university in cameroon and i wish to study in finland. i will be happy if am accepted to study in finland for free thanks


    I am very much interested in aeronautical engineering and also tellecomnicatin technology also computer science please i need you help that i can achieve my studies because of luck of finas,i will be happy if my application will be considered positively.

  18. Rosa Says:

    To all the interested above: how can you consider
    enrolling in University when you can’t even read?!
    Pay attention to this page title, to the text content and form: the author is in NO WAY connected to Finnish Government and/or Universities. How can you be so distracted?

  19. satnam Says:

    please help me out to do bba&mba i quitted study due to financial me out to resume if u can,thanks

  20. Lydia Says:

    I am interested in medicine. Can you tell me how to apply? Thank you

  21. Bryanna Lindblom Says:

    Thank you for your messages.

    We are not a school, so unfortunately you are not able to apply through us. My best advice would be to find a school you are interested in attending, then contact them for admissions information as each school will vary with their application process.

    Good luck!

  22. Allan Ansrew Says:

    I really appreciate about that and I need education cuz am still young living in Tanzania East Africa I want to study over there bu I don`t have money for school fees, so I need help of anyone to connect with the company which are dealing with international students scholarships.


    am happy to hear from you,i would like to have a chance in order to continue with my studies. current am at ST. JOHN’S UNIVERSITY OF TANZANIA. But the problem iamim facing financial problem of which i might be stoped from continuing. my registration number is 2010/1085, iam ready to work with you if you will assist me to cmplete my studies.


    am happy to hear from you,i would like to have a chance in order to continue with my studies. current am at ST. JOHN’S UNIVERSITY OF TANZANIA. But the problem am facing financial problem of which i might be stopped from continuing. my registration number is 2010/1085, am ready to work with you if you will assist me to complete my studies.

  25. Patience Mlambo Says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am interested in the offer could you please help me with the information i.e requirements etc.

    Thank youin advance

  26. Lawal Rafiu Says:

    Im interested in studying Bachelor in Accounting but have already complete my National Diploma and Higher National Diploma in Accounting. want to study can i apply and what is the requirement procesdure.Also is there any tution fee.thanks

  27. salawu Mashood Akintola Says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Kindly furnish me with the requirement for this programme, I want to read my Masters in Structural Engineering.
    looking forward to reading from you.

  28. Gaby Says:

    Hello, i was wondering if anyone knows any details on studying abroad and scholarships. My parents are both from latin america. I have a duo-citizenship and i was wondering, if i decided to live in their native country, am i eligible to any scholarships of that country? any info would help. Thank You!

  29. fowora Adebowale Adekunle Says:

    I want to study in finland.Am a holder in sociology and Anthropology from obafemi Awolowo university ile-ife,Nigeria.I wish I could further more for my best sport’s to play table tennis.thanks.kind regards(Fowora Adebowale)-(+2348038155319 or +2347059065635)

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  31. Ruben Says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am interested to pursue a PHD programme in Management or Political Science. Kindly provide me with the necessary information with regard to the universities offering this programme.

    Thank you.

  32. Abdul Quader Says:

    This is Quader, my tend is to pursue Msc. in Eng. management or Mechanical Engg. related courses .That’s why i need proper information to enhance my desire into reality . thank you.

  33. Simiyu Says:

    Sound too rosy.So how do I apply for a bachelor in medicine and bachelor in surgery course. An what are the costs. Thanks.

  34. Patrick ita ime Says:

    Please kindly help me,to secure Admission into this institutions am a less privilege from Nigeria please

  35. shehzad Says:

    dear sir i want to get free education in finland for septomber 2012 in BBA course free education in BBA
    thanks you

  36. abidi Says:

    tanks to all and I LOVE finland. I wanna full information of visa and other detail of admission. Plz help me
    very very thanks for u

  37. amjad Says:

    dear madam/or sir,
    i want study in finland in education or there any course about criminology and criminal justice .

  38. Agyemang Ishmael Kwabena Says:

    please i want to study in Finland

  39. Agyemang Ishmael Kwabena Says:

    Please send me how i am going to apply for it

  40. Pawlos kahsay Says:

    I want to learn in your school so pls give me a chance

  41. เรียนฟรีที่ฟินแลนด์ « The International Student Blog Says:

    […] this in English var addthis_config = […]

  42. Ophelia Says:

    Hello, I just completed my first degree with a Bachelor of science in Administration accounting option. I will be glad if am offered an opportunity to study in your school with a full scholarship. Thank you.

  43. zahir shah Says:

    i am student

  44. Meraj Says:

    I Going To Finland At Study>

  45. dammy philliper Says:

    pls i like to study criminology in finland can u heelp me out?

  46. Eskinder Kebede Says:

    I want to apply for a post graduate degree in Finland, can you please give me further information.

    thank you

  47. Eskinder Kebede Says:

    please give me more information to study in Finland for free.

    Eskinder from Ethiopia

  48. Ahsan Says:

    I want to apply for a under graduate degree in Finland,please give me further information.

  49. Saiful Alam Says:

    Hello sir/madam
    Im a Bangladeshi nationality holder now im a current student in UK ,im studying in uk at level 4 its diploma course. After finishing my this course i wud like to study in finland ,i heard in finland there is tuition fees cost so im eagerly considerd to study that .Now i need some information wat is the requirements to get admitted one of ur university at bachelor degree ,and do i need any ielts score n how many score do i need in ielts,how much financial funds do i need to show fo bachelor degree etc can u pls let me know some info in details .

    I look forward to hear you
    Thank u very much !

  50. SHAHAB U DIN Says:

    I want to apply for under graduate degree in finland, please give me further information

  51. Ogunjobi Adebayo Says:

    I have a B. A degree in English Language and willing to study criminology as a Master course , please advise on my decision how possible .

  52. lusia Says:

    i want to study in finland for free, im from namibia

  53. Tannor Says:

    How do I apply with B.A.Integrated Development Studies

  54. manoj Says:

    i want to study it so how can i apply, and i m from nepal so plz someone help me…

  55. dahunsi john Says:

    I am interested in IT and computing.kindly send me the info on how to apply for free study,Thanks.

  56. Md. Mostafijur rahman Says:

    I am from Bangladesh. I want a ms scholership in Veterinary Medicine. What should i do? Please help me via email.

  57. Rotimi Asimbi Says:

    thanks alot sir for the information. I am a vet doctor and I’d like to study Animal Nutrition at Masters level. what schools offer this course in Finland and how do i apply, Also, are there provisions to work and study too as a student. thanks


    pls i m interested in study in finland .pls kindly send me d details so as to enable me apply.thanks to the team.IJAWARE

  59. Asebe Gugsa Says:

    I am Ethiopian national I have received B.A degree from Addis Ababa university in Public Administration and Development managment in the academic year of 2006 G.C.This time i am working at government office.I wish to have your University positive response to wards my strong need to join

  60. rajib Says:

    I am from Bangladesh.I have received B.Sc. in computer science and engineering from Dhaka International University, Dhaka, Bangladesh in the academic year 2006 with GPA 2.94 on scale of 4. Now I would like to have a MBA from Finland. As it is very difficult to bear my living expenses in Finland, is there any way, that i could bear my expenses by working there?
    Please let me know.
    Thank you.

  61. orobiyi oluwaseun Says:

    i have interest to study in finland,can u plz guide me how to apply.

  62. orobiyi oluwaseun Says:

    i have interest to study in finland,can u plz guide me how to frm nigeria.

  63. Okomayin Yinka Samuel Says:

    sounds very interesting. may i have the prospectus for an undergraduate program and mode of application.

  64. lowbousky kaalushu Says:

    well i am quite happy to hear that i can study in Finland as i am an orphan and can not afford cost in most university in the world. i m from Namibia please please help me out no how to apply

  65. bright ogbalor Says:

    Am very happy to see some thing like this, please send me application forms so that I can apply thank you very much.

  66. Hasan Khan Says:

    I like this country as a peaceful country and free for student’s cost in University but i m astonished that Finland may ignore a student after reaching. How its become?? where a student come from a far distance here.
    Please change this system.

  67. aamir ayub Says:

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am very interested to start a Master’s program in Economics in Finland. Could you please email me with more details of the application.

    Thank you so much.

    Best regards,
    aamir ayub

  68. wise otobo Says:

    dear sir,i am a citizen of nigeria,please what are the requirements of geting a scholarship to study in finland?

  69. Bontle sadi Says:

    Dear Sir or Madam

    I was able to go through your link.

    I am very interested in having the first year of Finnish language,then I want to follow university studies.And would like to know if i can have undergraduate program and mode of application.


  70. iris Says:

    Hi, I am Iris from South Africa( Mozambique), I am really interested in get this Scholarship to my Brother, due he just finished his Pre Universitary 12 class. So I would like to know how can He apply for the free Education? I really appreciate the Scholarship tht Finland is giving to the International Students. I would like to know more about, so that may he can try his luck as my parents does not have condition for his studies. I would like to get the feedback. Thank you .. Regards from Iris

  71. Bryanna Lindblom Says:

    Hi Iris,

    That is great you are helping your brother find scholarships to help fund his education abroad. You can start your search for an award here. From there, you can find scholarships that he is eligible for and apply directly through the host institution.

    Good luck!

  72. hasan Says:

    how can i get admitted in this university with all of the facilities?


    I am an HND graguade in secretaryship and management studies and I wish to feder my course in your norble school with free tuition either in my course or in any business course.

  74. egbuna princewill Says:

    please i would loveto get information on how to pursue a bachelor in medcine for free


    advice me on how i can enroll for PhD in chemistry for free

  76. sadman sakib saad Says:

    sir, i want to get information about how i can apply from bangladesh……… and which requirements are needed?

  77. Gayan Says:

    i’m from Sri Lanka.i’m very interesting about Finland.Also One of my relation is in Finland.How can i go to Finland ?? please tell me the right way. Thank You!

  78. Emmanuel Mac Says:

    Pls how do i register for the 2013 admission i have always wanted to study in finland.

  79. Bryanna Lindblom Says:

    Thank you all for your interest.

    To apply for a school in Finland, you will need to contact the school of your interest directly. They will be able to assist you with the application process.

  80. Nonye Says:

    Thanks for this educative piece, it’s quite informative. I am interested in pursuing a masters in Economics in one of the good Finnish universities(tuition free), could you please email me detailed procedures of how to go about actualizing my dream.Thanks

  81. kenneth N. Okocha Says:

    This iformation is indeed an eye opener.
    I studied Estate management in one of the Nigerian universities,and i would love to study project management in any of your universities in Finlad, so i would be grateful if you send me the details of how to go about the registration ad application form too. Thank you

  82. Aditya Khanal Says:

    I have recently completed my BBA course from Nepal and wanted to study forward for my Master course and its too expensive in Nepal as well as in abroad because we belongs to middle class family and its very difficult for me to study because of the economic condition. I heard about the Finland which gives free education in some faculties and for this what should I do to forward the process. I know my parents can take loan for my studies but I dont wanna do that because they are suffering from many loans in their heads and I don’t want to add more. So, if you can help me than please help me. Thank you thats all I wanna say.

  83. Shoukat Ali Says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am shoukat ali having Bachlor degree in physics and currently working as a medical physicist in pakistan.I have four years experience as a radiotherapy medical physicist.I am working on MLC based linear accelerator.Virtual simulator and three diementional treatment palnning system and HDR brachytherapy of prostate cancer.I want to enhance my qualification and want to enrolled Master in medical physics program in finland.Kindly help me in this regards.

  84. Julies Nangolo Says:

    Im julies in Namibia, im holding my grade 12 certificate passesed very well but my parrents could not afford to pay for my further studies since they are unemployed. I realy want to become someone for my country en to the whole world, may you please send me an e-mail on how i can apply for my free education in finland? I want to study engineering since i passed mathematic, physics en design & technology with flying colours. Please may you help me?

  85. Ambrocio Choco Says:

    To whom it may concern,
    I am a student from Belize(University of Belize) and i would like to further my study at your institution. I am interested in studying civil engineering at the masters level.I would highly appreciate your reply. I would like to know how to apply and when. Also would like an application form. Thank you.


  86. Gabriel opeyemi Says:

    Pls sir i want to study in finland but i no how to go about it sir.pls help me out

  87. Anthony Square Says:

    I am a holder of a diploma in Dental Therapy, and would like to get a degree in any of the Universities or colleges in Finland. Is there any possibility? if so, may you help me with the process of application.




    To whom it may concern,
    I am a student from India(Vidyasagar University ) and i would like to further my study at your institution.I would highly appreciate your reply. I would like to know how to apply and when.advice me on how i can enroll for PhD in chemistry for free. Also would like an application form. Thank you.

  89. Rev Yawa Aho Tsiga Says:

    I am from Northern Nigeria, looking for scholarships opportunities to do M.A. and PhD in Education, Theology, or Counseling to come back to my country and help my people in Northern Nigeria who are left behind in Western Education. My door open henceforth. Thanks.

  90. malik m arslan amjad Says:

    i am fresh Electronic Engineer from pakistan ,can you please help me for my admission in master of Electronic Engineering with full fee concession under your kind control with work permit visa

  91. Emmanuel Nuamah Says:

    I am a fresh B.Sc. Agriculture graduate from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana, can you please help me for a full scholarship admission in master programs in animal nutrition or an assistantship in graduate programs with concentration in aniamal

  92. FRED MATIKO Says:

    my name is FRED MATIKO and i am a Tanzanian studying at st Joseph University in Tanzania pursuing Bachelor degree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering and i am 20 years old.Since my childhood my desires has been on Engineering field.Please help me reaching my dreams of contributing something to the Engineering field by helping me to pursue my Masters degree from the study year of 2018 to end of my studies.Because my finances is not
    enough to support my self when the time comes.


    I will love you guys to tell us how and when we can register for this. We really appreciate you guys very much and we will be looking forward to you immediate response. Thanks.

  94. Bryanna Davis Says:

    Hi Emmanuel,

    If you would like access to more international scholarships you can visit here.

    Good luck!

  95. Bryanna Davis Says:

    Hi Malik,

    You will need to first find a school then apply directly. If you would like a few tips on getting your visa you can visit here.

  96. sjnorth Says:

    Hi there,
    I’m a journalist writing a feature about British students who have chosen to do higher education abroad, particularly in European countries with no tuition fees, such as Finland.
    So I’d like to speak some current or past students who have studied in one of these countries. Is there anyone here who would be willing to share their experiences?

  97. Benjamin Uoh Says:

    I love this. I will like to get my degree (BSc) in Finland, please how can I apply for 2015 section ?
    It will be a great pleasure if I get a reply. Thanks

  98. anil srivastava Says:

    can anyone please tell me that, ”’is there any maximum age limit for International students in Finland?”’ and other question is I did Senior Secondary School only, and I want to do M.B.B.S. then how can I apply to get the admission for the higher studies? and last question is that, can i do any part time job living in Finland to achieve my personal expenses?
    and please any further information regarding the admission..

    thank you

  99. Litumbe Gael Says:

    i have been searching for this for so long now am happy can you please send me information on how to apply

  100. Ravi mohan Says:

    thanks i am interested in medical degree kindly tell me good school and fee system. how can i get some financial help

  101. javaria Says:

    I am javaria from pakistan.I have complete F.S.C pre Medical and I want study in finland because I want serve to your country.I interest in finland study .
    I want to do MBBS in Germany .how can I do it.
    plz guide me.
    Thanks alot of you.

  102. Namrata kumari Says:

    Hi! I am Namrata from INDIA. I had completed Diploma in IT.
    I also done B Tech in CSE up to fourth semester . I had not completed my B TECH for some reasons.

    I want to complete my B TECH. I am also interest in study in FINLAND. What can i do next in FINLAND?

    Please give me some suggestion.

    Thank you

  103. Prolimina Lucas Says:

    Would You please give me a chance to do masters degree in your country.
    I am a Tanzanian woman and I graduated my B. Ed ( Chemistry and Biology) in 2011. I got a GPA of 3.8
    Thank You very much for your kind consideration to me.

  104. aman woliyi Says:

    i do have bachelor of public health in ethiopia and i want to have mph in ur country is there any chance i can study master of public health for free in finland?

  105. santosh kumar iha Says:

    respected sir/madam..

    i want to study BBA or bcom in finland….i m from nepal….i got 80% in 10th board fron HSEB nepal board…i got 80% in 12th board from CBSE india board….its my dream to study in finland….i am ready to study in finland at any condition or environment….plz reply

  106. egbe james takor Says:

    wish you can help me get this opportunity

  107. Md.Azmamul Haque Says:

    i want to apply…can u show me the way??

  108. John Says:

    I really like this gesture and would like to get involved, but dont know how to go about it, please can you kindly send me the links on how to apply and get started with the papers works and visa issues.
    I want to study business management.
    Keep in touch please.

  109. Krishna kumar tripathi Says:

    I am an indian having of age 48 yrs.,i am a civiengineeringng diplomholderer, wantntoto completmymy B.TECH.whilableltotearnrn fomymstudydy anpersonnalaexpenseses, i dhopepe yowilllguidede mproperlylyThnx!

  110. Aashish sharma Says:

    This is good opportunity so contact to me.

  111. ellaha azam Says:

    I want to apply for this but how will u please guide me im so interested in international education I just want to apply. .

  112. mahdie.aghae Says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I have a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and I do love continuing in my major at master.I look for applying for an could you help me?
    Thanks in advanced and look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

  113. Rahman Sajib Says:

    I am very interested to do MBA abroad.So would you kindly in from me how to apply and whats the requirements. I am in BA undergraduate major in accounting doing 7th semester in American International University Bangladesh. But interested to do my MBA abroad.

  114. Bryanna Davis Says:

    Thank you all for visiting. If interested, please visit the links above for more information on how to get started. Good luck!

  115. Kait Grosšmidt Says:

    I would like to study electronics in Finland but i don`t know where to start. And i have to work also. Can you help me to start? Thank you!

  116. Aly El shazly Says:

    I want to obtain a bachelor’s degree in business management in english but I don’t know where to start.

  117. Bryanna Davis Says:

    Hi Aly,

    A great place to start is in our school search. There you can find a college or university that offers the program you would like to pursue. Good luck!

  118. kelly inambao Says:

    i av always wanted to study in finland for free and how would like you to help me a get place for 15-20th October this year.My contact line is 0962729855 am a Zambian citizen am thanking you in advance to pursue my medicine programme and my marks are math:1 english:2 geography:3 biology:5 and science:4

  119. Akujobi Kelechi Says:

    Good day, I know I’m 3 years late, this is the first time I’m seeing this site.
    I would like to study Dentistry in Finland, I would like to know the requirements and fees, I already have a diploma in Dental Therapy. Thank You.

  120. Shnaya Mishra Says:

    Nice and informative blog.

  121. saif Says:

    i am a dentist,completed my BDS course from i would like to complete my masters course in oral surgery in there any oppourtunitity for me.Thanks in advance to find out a appropriate solution for me

  122. Prabhat Says:


    I am an Indian working as IT Consultant and want to do MBA from Finland.

    Can you please let me know admission process and cost of living.

    Thanks in advance.


  123. Aases Raz Bk Says:

    help me for a free scholarship i m from Nepal and wanna complete my further education in full scholarship

  124. shejin Says:

    Hello sir, iam shejin from Kerala, India. I have taken admission for 2 year business administraion diplomaCourse in LBK College in RIGA, Latvia for Feb month 2016. So I want to know whether I can take entry to 2 year of business administration degree course in any finland university or college after completion of my first year. I also want to know about its procedures like when and to whom I should pay the 2 nd year’s fee and should I go back to india for visa??lbk has Erasmus+ licence

    Thanks and Regards

  125. Kwame Nti-Debrah Says:

    Am from Ghana and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Sociology from the university of Ghana. Want to know if I can get a scholarship or better still get a school in finland where the fee is moderate.
    Thank you.!

  126. dila Says:

    I have my Bachelor of arts degree in social sciences I like to go for Masters in councelling as I am a teacher please can you get me a scholarship

  127. nasro Says:

    I would like to apply to study accounting or business administration in finland and i want to get more informations.

  128. Bryanna Davis Says:

    Hi all,

    Once again- please keep in mind that if you want to study in Finland you need to follow the links above. We are not able to provide you with personalized service when it comes to finding a school or scholarship for Finland, however, following the links above will help you with the next step. Good luck.

  129. Bazie Bismark Says:

    Hello,with certificate in general agriculture,can I get scholarahip for 1st degree,please.

  130. Aida Bereket Says:

    i am interested to study in finland if i gate schoolar ship apportunity pls help me

  131. Charles T. Irose Musungu Says:

    My son’s name is Tony C. B. Irose. He did his secondary exam. last year and got a an A-. He would like to study medicine in Fineland, please help.

  132. Gbenga Says:

    Hello please I’m from Nigerian,I read everything about this international schools and I’m well interested.Now this is it.. I wish to study Sociology,I have my o’level result as Art and Social Science student. So the help I want is this ,I don’t want this 2016 to pass me I need to be in school so please can you help me ???

  133. Gbenga Simeon Says:

    Hello please I’m from Nigerian,I read everything about this international schools and I’m well interested.Now this is it.. I wish to study Sociology,I have my o’level result as Art and Social Science student. So the help I want is this ,I don’t want this 2016 to pass me I need to be in school so please can you help me ???Here is my email

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    Well written. I enjoyed this blog post. It was inspiring and informative.

  135. Ahmad Says:

    Want to done MS Project Management / MSC Information Technology Management. whats the procedure ( Scholarships & admission criteria) and which Finland university is best for the above mentioned Masters degree.

  136. sarika sah Says:

    I am from Nepal.I have received Bachelors in Business Administration from Purbanchal University, in kathmandu, Nepal hear 2015 with GPA 2. on scale of 4. Now I would like to have a MBA from Finland. As it is very difficult to bear my living expenses in Finland, is there any way, that i could bear my expenses by working there?
    Please let me know.
    Thank you.

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